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Shivalinga Mudra: Advantages, Which means and Steps to Carry out


Shiva Linga Mudra hand gesture. Symbol: mindfulish_@instagram

Shivalinga Mudra is an impressive hand gesture in yoga named after the sacred image of Lord Shiva. It is helping to channelize internal power and strengthen focus.

This mudra hand gesture resembles the Shivalinga, a symbolic illustration of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. The hand gesture displays combining the weather of masculinity and femininity, introduction and destruction, stillness and dynamism. On this Mudra, the palms come in combination to shape a form harking back to the Shivalinga, developing a way of stability and cohesion inside of.

Mudras are an integral a part of yoga and meditation, serving as gestures that lock and information power go with the flow within the frame. Via curling, crossing, stretching, and touching the hands and palms, we will “communicate” to the frame and thoughts as every house of the hand corresponds to a undeniable a part of our being.

On this article, we can delve into the specifics of Shivalinga Mudra, guiding you in the course of the steps to accomplish it as it should be, exploring its advantages, and addressing not unusual questions associated with its apply.

What’s Shivalinga Mudra?

Shivalinga Mudra takes inspiration from the robust image Lord Shiva. On this Mudra, the palms are located to imitate the form of the Shivalinga, making a tangible center of attention for meditation and effort channeling. The proper hand, forming a fist with the thumb raised, represents the masculine power or the ‘Linga.’ The left hand, open and cup-shaped underneath the appropriate, symbolizes the female power or the ‘Yoni.’ In combination, they invent a stability, reflecting the duality and cohesion of life.

The mudra attracts from the symbolism of Shiva and Shakti, the primal forces of the universe, and has been practiced for hundreds of years as a way to score religious stability and strengthen meditation.

Shivalinga Mudra and Linga Mudra are distinct hand gestures in yoga, every with distinctive advantages and functions.

Shiva Linga Mudra. Symbol: Canva
linga mudra in yoga mudras
Linga Mudra. Symbol: Fitsri

Shivalinga Mudra is carried out via hanging the left hand open and cup-shaped within the lap, with the appropriate hand forming a fist, resting at the left palm, and the thumb prolonged upwards. This gesture represents the Shivalinga, symbolizing the stability of masculine and female energies.
However, Linga Mudra is finished via interlocking the hands of each palms whilst conserving the left thumb erect, pointing upwards, and encircling it with the thumb and index finger of the appropriate hand. This Mudra generates warmth within the frame, serving to to spice up immunity and support in weight reduction.

The Actual Which means of Shiva’s Linga Image

Conventional Shiva Linga. Symbol: Canva

The Shivalinga is an important image in Hinduism, representing Lord Shiva. This can be a cylindrical construction set on a round base, symbolizing the union of the divine masculine and female energies, making a harmonious stability within the universe. The Shivalinga isn’t just a non secular image but additionally a illustration of cosmic power and the method of introduction and destruction.

The cylindrical form of the Linga is interpreted because the ‘unending pillar’ of sunshine, representing Shiva’s nature as countless and boundless. The round base, or the ‘Yoni,’ represents Shakti, the female theory, and is symbolic of the womb, the supply of all introduction. In combination, they depict the cycle of introduction, preservation, and dissolution, the very rhythm of the cosmos.

The Hand Gesture and its Importance

The precise hand gesture in Shivalinga Mudra is a very powerful for its effectiveness. The raised thumb of the appropriate hand symbolizes the fireplace part, encouraging power and assertiveness. The cup-shaped left hand represents the water part, selling calmness and receptivity. This mixture is helping in balancing the opposing energies inside of, resulting in a state of equilibrium and internal peace.

Easy methods to Carry out Shivalinga Mudra

𝗦𝗵𝗶𝘃𝗮 𝗟𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗮 𝗠𝘂𝗱𝗿𝗮 – 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗲𝗻𝗲𝗿𝗴𝘆 & 𝘁𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻⁠. Symbol: kundaliniyogaschool@instagram

The Shivalinga Mudra is shaped via combining the each palms; The proper hand takes the type of a fist with the thumb prolonged upwards, symbolizing the Linga or the masculine power. The left hand is stored open, cup-shaped, and positioned underneath the appropriate hand, representing the Yoni or the female power. In combination, they invent a harmonious stability, embodying the duality and cohesion of life.

Position the mudra hand at your Sun Plexus / Manipura Chakra. Take a couple of deep breaths connecting your breath together with your navel. As you inhale permit the navel to come back ahead, as you exhale pull the navel in.⁠

Observe those steps to do shivalinga mudra in meditation consultation;

  • Sit down with ease together with your backbone directly and shoulders comfy. You’ll sit down on a chair, cushion, or at once at the ground, whichever fits you absolute best.
  • Position your left hand open and cup-shaped for your lap. Make a fist together with your proper hand, extending the thumb upwards.
  • Gently leisure your proper fist (with the thumb prolonged) on best of your left open hand.
  • Make certain that the prolonged thumb is pointing upwards, and your palms are located on the stage of your stomach.
  • Shut your eyes and take deep, sluggish breaths. Focal point to your respiring and really feel the power stability between your palms.
  • Take care of your consideration at the upward-pointing thumb, visualizing it as a channel for divine power and stability.
  • When you find yourself able to conclude your apply, gently unencumber the mudra via freeing the fist. Take a second to look at the results of the mudra to your way of thinking and effort.

Advisable Sitting Positions

Shivalinga mudra whilst protecting in meditation is recommended to accomplish in those sitting postures:

  • Sukhasana (Simple Pose): A easy cross-legged place that is helping in keeping up a directly backbone.
  • Padmasana (Lotus Pose): This place supplies steadiness and is helping in keeping up an erect posture, improving the results of the Mudra.
  • Vajrasana (Diamond Pose): Sitting to your heels in kneeling place, this posture aids in digestion and is really helpful for many who in finding cross-legged positions uncomfortable.

Time & Length

The best time to apply Shivalinga Mudra is all through the early morning hours between 4 am and seven am. All the way through this time the thoughts is calm and the surroundings is serene, which reinforces the effectiveness of the Mudra. If morning apply is difficult, it will also be accomplished within the night.

The best length for containing Shivalinga Mudra is 10 to fifteen mins in a single time. You’ll make a selection to accomplish it two or 3 times an afternoon. Constant apply inside of this period of time is helping achieve a balanced way of thinking and complements center of attention and focus. You will need to handle a comfy posture and concentrate on your respiring all the way through the apply to harvest the overall advantages of the Mudra.


Shivalinga mudra will also be accompanied via affirmations to strengthen its advantages. Right here’s an confirmation for Shiva Linga Mudra:

“I’m in best possible stability, embracing each my masculine and female energies. I’m grounded, robust, and attached to the universe. Via Shiva Linga Mudra, I channel the power of Lord Shiva and Shakti, bringing cohesion to my thoughts, frame, and spirit. I unencumber pressure and anxiousness, discovering internal calm and self belief. I’m the embodiment of cohesion and power.”

Via the usage of affirmations like this, practitioners can magnify the certain results of Shiva Linga Mudra and concentrate on attaining a way of stability, power, and calmness of their apply.

Shivalinga Mudra Advantages

Shivalinga Mudra - How to Do

Shivalinga Mudra is famend for its talent to relieve pressure, anxiousness, and despair, fostering a way of stability and equality inside of. It complements the frame’s power, assisting within the struggle towards stressors and selling a state of psychological well-being. This Mudra is an impressive device for the ones in the hunt for internal peace and stability of their lives.

1. Balancing Pitta Dosha

Shiva Linga Mudra is related to the era of warmth within the frame. This warmth can lend a hand stability over the top Pitta dosha, which is related to hearth and will purpose problems like irritation and over the top warmth within the frame. The Mudra’s talent to generate warmth is helping in regulating and balancing Pitta Dosha.

2. Balancing and Activating Root Chakra

Shiva Linga Mudra aids in activating and balancing the Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra) via channeling power into this foundational power middle. With its phallus-like thumb gesture related to Lord Shiva, it promotes emotional and psychological steadiness which is related to root chakra. It alleviates pressure and anxiousness, and fosters a way of grounding and safety in a single’s lifestyles.

3. Improving Respiring Capability

Shivalinga Mudra’s talent to generate warmth within the frame can strengthen respiring capability and give a contribution to higher lung serve as. Advanced breath keep watch over is very important for general well being and power.

4. Aid from Sinusitis and Chilly

Shivalinga mudra is really helpful for people coping with chilly, cough and sinusitis because it will increase resistance to chilly signs. Via activating and balancing power inside the frame, it helps the frame’s herbal defences towards those prerequisites.

5. Getting rid of Negativity

Shivalinga Mudra is continuously related to the elimination of negativity from one’s lifestyles. It promotes a way of grounding and leisure, making it efficient in preventing pressure and nurturing psychological calmness.

6. Non secular Connection

Shivalinga Mudra symbolizes the combination of the energies of Lord Shiva and Shakti, fostering a non secular connection and deeper religious consciousness. This may convey a profound sense of internal peace and objective.

Precautions & Contraindications

Shivalinga Mudra is typically thought to be protected for most people when practiced as it should be. Listed here are some precautions and pointers to verify a protected and efficient apply:

  • Concentrate to Your Frame: Take note of your frame’s indicators. If you are feeling any discomfort or pressure whilst working towards the Mudra, gently unencumber the gesture and leisure.
  • Keep away from Overstraining: Don’t drive your palms into the location. The apply must be relaxed and strain-free.
  • Seek the advice of a Skilled: When you have any present well being prerequisites or issues, it is advisable seek the advice of a yoga or healthcare skilled ahead of incorporating Shivalinga Mudra into your regimen.
  • Create a Calm Setting: Apply in a quiet and calm surroundings to strengthen your center of attention and the effectiveness of the Mudra.
  • Mix with Meditation: Incorporating Shivalinga Mudra into your meditation apply can deepen your meditation and strengthen its advantages.
  • Be Conscious: Take care of a state of mindfulness all through the apply, conserving your consideration at the Mudra and your breath.

On the other hand, like all yoga apply, it is very important take note of sure contraindications to verify protection and save you any hostile results.

Listed here are some prerequisites wherein Shivalinga Mudra must be have shyed away from or practiced with warning:

  1. Top Blood Power: Whilst Mudras are typically recognized to lend a hand in regulating blood force, folks with hypertension must apply Shivalinga Mudra moderately and below the steerage of a professional teacher.
  2. Ulcer: When you have a abdomen or duodenal ulcer, it’s absolute best to chorus from working towards Shiva Linga Mudra, as the rise in warmth inside the frame would possibly exacerbate the situation.
  3. Bile Issues: Folks with issues associated with bile must steer clear of working towards Shiva Linga Mudra, as it could actually doubtlessly worsen those problems.


Shivalinga Mudra is an impressive yoga mudra drawing inspiration from the sacred Shivalinga image, representing the harmonious union of masculine and female energies. This Mudra no longer handiest complements psychological center of attention and stability but additionally contributes considerably to at least one’s religious adventure. It fosters a deep sense of internal peace and calmness in practitioner.

FAQs Associated with Shivalinga Mudra

Q1. What’s the Which means of Shivalinga Mudra?

Shivalinga Mudra is a yogic hand gesture that pulls its inspiration from the Shivalinga, a symbolic illustration of Lord Shiva in Hinduism. The Mudra embodies the union of masculine and female energies, making a stability between the 2.

Q2. What’s the best time to apply Shivalinga Mudra?

The most productive time to apply Shivalinga Mudra is all through the early morning hours, because the thoughts is calm and the surroundings is serene, improving the effectiveness of the Mudra. For optimum advantages, it is strongly recommended to apply Shivalinga Mudra for 10 to fifteen mins in a single sitting.

Q3. Are there any precautions to take whilst working towards Shivalinga Mudra?

Sure, folks must apply Shivalinga Mudra with consciousness, heading off overstraining and taking note of any discomfort. The ones with present well being prerequisites must seek the advice of a certified ahead of beginning the apply.

This autumn. Can Ladies Apply Shivalinga Mudra?

Sure, Shivalinga Mudra is appropriate for each women and men. This can be a common apply geared toward balancing internal energies, improving center of attention, and selling a way of calmness, making it really helpful for people irrespective of gender.


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