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Simple Speedy Pot Applesauce (no added sugar!)


The power cooker makes do-it-yourself applesauce a breeze. Speedy Pot applesauce is made with 3 easy components – apples, orange juice, and cinnamon.

Dwelling in Minnesota the place apples are plentiful, journeys to the apple orchard occur annually. My favourite factor to make with them (instead of apple cider and apple cake) is applesauce. Applesauce can be utilized as substitution for oil or butter in a lot of our baking recipes.

Upload your chopped apples, orange juice, and cinnamon sticks to the Speedy Pot and seal close. Prepare dinner on prime for six mins with a snappy free up. Mix the whole thing in combination and switch it to a container to cool.

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My husband didn’t need the cinnamon so left it out. Nonetheless used to be very tasty and simple to make. The orange juice made it absolute best.-Jean

What do you wish to have for Speedy Pot applesauce?

Speedy Pot applesauce is a somewhat simple recipe calling for Gala apples, orange juice, and a bit cinnamon. The citrus is helping steadiness the flavors of the apple and the cinnamon provides a chew. PS: We examined this recipe with a bit lemon and far most well-liked the orange juice!

Along with the three components above, be sure you have an Speedy Pot or power cooker to be had at the side of an immersion blender.

What apples do you utilize for applesauce?

Just about any roughly apple can be utilized for applesauce. Our favorites come with Gala, Purple Scrumptious, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith.


Apple: like we discussed above, in reality any roughly apples paintings. Listed here are our favorites:

  • Gala: absolute best mix of candy and bitter
  • Inexperienced/Granny Smith: a inexperienced apple will create a extra bitter applesauce.
  • Purple Scrumptious: this may create a sweeter applesauce.

Citrus: when you plan to make use of a unique citrus corresponding to lemon, we advise lowering it slightly because it’s a lot more bitter. Use 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and sub the remainder with water.

Spices: as a substitute of cinnamon sticks, check out the use of different complete spices like celebrity anis, cardamom, nutmeg, or allspice.


Why do you utilize orange juice in applesauce?

You’ll realize that this recipe requires orange juice as a substitute of apple juice or water. We do that for an excessively particular explanation why and it’s as a result of citrus preserves fruit. Lemon and lime are too sour and orange juice is excellent relating to sweetness. A little bit is going a ways, however orange juice will assist your applesauce from browning!

Must I exploit cinnamon sticks or floor cinnamon in my applesauce?

Cinnamon sticks upload the very best quantity of spice on your applesauce and in reality assist to convey out the herbal flavors and beauty of your apples. Don’t skip this section! If you’ll’t to find them or don’t have any cinnamon sticks readily available, be happy to exchange for precise floor cinnamon.

How do you thicken up applesauce?

Applesauce will thicken because it cools, however when you’re hoping to get your applesauce even thicker, you’ll use a thickening agent like arrowroot starch.

Do I’ve to peel my apple for applesauce?

It isn’t essential to peel you apples for applesauce, however when you desire no pores and skin, you’ll.


Home made applesauce will remaining you round 10-14 days. Just remember to retailer it in an hermetic container within the fridge for easiest effects. In case your applesauce begins to mould or smells humorous, discard it.

Take a look at our Crockpot applesauce recipe, too!

Are you able to freeze applesauce?

You’ll be able to simply freeze applesauce and it’s tremendous simple. We propose moving your applesauce into an ice dice tray and freezing it that approach. As soon as frozen, switch your applesauce cubes right into a freezer-safe gallon-size bag for later!

What to Make with Applesauce


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