Monday, September 25, 2023

So Nice To Be Again! – Motorbike Snob NYC


Oy, I’m again.

Whilst I had two bicycles with me on my holiday, it used to be specifically excellent to reconnect with the Jones, and a luxurious to be in such shut proximity to that almost all trendy of highway surfaces:

[I’m talking about the garvel, of course.]

Alas, as a canine returns to his personal vomit, so a idiot repeats its folly, and that’s how I all the time really feel as I’m heading again to the town from the quieter precincts. Certainly, upon my go back, nearly the first thing I noticed upon crossing the town line–fittingly, in gentle of my most up-to-date Outdoor column–used to be a number of police vehicles round a motor scooter (whether or not gas or electrical I may now not inform) that gave the impression to had been taken out via a automobile within the “secure” motorbike lane. Right here’s the place it came about:

In case it’s now not transparent from the gap image, this is certainly a motorbike lane and a crosswalk that run proper throughout a fucking freeway front ramp. They are saying two wrongs don’t make a proper, however what they do make is a complete clusterfuck. Driving a motor scooter in a bicycle lane would possibly determine more often than not, and a half-assed motorbike lane may also determine more often than not, however mix the 2 and the opportunity of carnage will increase exponentially. In the meantime, the town company answerable for this sensible little bit of city engineering is busy tweeting stuff like this:

I don’t know which is extra ironic: the DOT impugning Robert Moses when their thought of a secure motorbike lane is a few inexperienced paint along considered one of his highways, or the truth that whoever had the keys to the their social media accounts for the Hard work Day weekend most definitely tweeted that from a Robert Moses-built seaside.

On the other hand, I’m basing all this on a short-term glimpse of the crash scene I were given while exiting stated Robert Moses-built freeway, so I can have utterly misinterpreted it. Possibly it wasn’t a crash in any respect; possibly the NYPD have been simply serving to the scooterist exchange a tire.

Talking of smugness, I see from Streetblog {that a} “nice motorbike activist” has retired:

I looked at the related Twitter thread…

…and one of the most causes he cites for retiring is the state of his “psychological well being:”

It’s none of my industry and I want him smartly, however he did put all this on Twitter so I can say I do know from private revel in that all this advocacy stuff has some way of undermining your personal happiness in case you’re now not cautious. I additionally know that it could actually compel you to start out “skating with no stick” and in search of fights, and in truth I’ve encountered him out at the ice on a minimum of one instance:

I do know like 75% of this weblog is me making a laugh of the stuff motorbike corporations are promoting, however whilst I could have my very own hang-ups about stuff like digital transferring, dick breaks, and crabon, I’ve additionally long gone on file that within the grand scheme of items I stand at the back of them. I no doubt don’t suppose they’re looking to “stay the 95% ignorant” like some form of secret society:

If the rest, you’ll’t consult with a mainstream bicycle corporate’s web page now with out being inundated with application biking:

What came about to the entire scowling roadies?!? It’s all satisfied folks in common garments now:

“Simple” this, “practical” that…

Frankly it’s disgusting:

I imply yeah, you’ll take factor with the truth that they don’t appear with the intention to design a bicycle that doesn’t require A FUCKING BATTERY anymore, however you’ll’t say they aren’t doing their to promote the shit out of sensible, on a regular basis bicycling. It’s nearly as ironic as, I dunno…a number of folks at an unique hand-crafted bicycle display taking about how hyped up all this fancy motorbike tech is:

It’s like paying attention to the folk at this birthday celebration speaking about how everybody makes too large a deal over cash:

And sure, I say this understanding complete smartly that I’m via a ways the worst perpetrator in relation to taking stuff with no consideration. As famous above, this weblog is most commonly “I’ve a number of fancy motorcycles however I believe pushing a button to modify gears is simply so cheesy,” interspersed with tedious lawsuits about the place I reside.

Fact is we were given it lovely excellent.


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