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“The treasury of the Countless is mine, for its wealth is power, and I’m power!”

-from Affirmations for Self-Therapeutic by way of Swami Kriyananda

“Why Are You Doing All This?”

Non-public Mirrored image by way of Nayaswami Pushpa

I had attained a undeniable stage of good fortune in my profession. I had bought a townhouse in an upscale Chicago suburb. It encompassed 1700 sq. ft, with seven rooms on 5 other ranges. It was once so deliciously spacious! I even had a darkroom within the completed basement for growing my images.

I had began to dread Sundays. Each and every Sunday jogged my memory that the next day was once Monday—and that intended again to the place of business! Sunday was once additionally the day I paid expenses, did chores, and took care of the entirety I owned: my space, my vehicle, my boat, the laundry, and the entire cleansing and buying groceries. I had begun to query who was once in price, as a result of I used to be starting to really feel my possessions had been possessing me, devouring my power and not bringing me pleasure.

Photo Credit Nayaswami Pushpa

I used to be on a treadmill, compelled to stay working to stay alongside of the expenses and the illusion of getting ”made it.” At some point I used to be sitting in my den admiring two newly obtained oil art work. Out of nowhere a voice stated, “Why are you doing all this?” I iced over.

Surprised, I regarded across the room, and in a flash it dawned on me. I used to be making a façade of outer wealth and good fortune. I had the pretty space, the two-car storage with a ship in it—good fortune within the eyes of the sector. However what was once vital to me? I sought after a lot more than superficial, transient possessions. I sought after reality and inside freedom.

That day my existence modified direction. Over the following couple of months I left my company activity and bought the home and its contents. Since that point I’ve sought true wealth thru finding out, dwelling, and sharing the yogic teachings. I’m so thankful that I heard that voice tough of me, “Why are you doing all this?” and that I took motion. Taking that motion has given me a lifetime of which means and religious enlargement.

“O Mighty Fountain of Countless Gentle, from whose spray the numerous galaxies are made: Let me wash away my worldly ambitions in Thy waters. Let me shower in radiant eddies of Thy power. Thou artwork my Wealth; Thou, my Treasure; Thou, my Safety!”
—from Affirmations for Self-Therapeutic by way of Swami Kriyananda

Learn how to Draw in Cash

Swami Kriyananda offers a chat from the video collection “Spiritualize Your Day-to-day Lifestyles”

Source of revenue

by way of Nayaswami Pushpa

Paramhansa Yogananda warned us to not overspend. He wrote, “You will have to now not at all times really feel that it’s important to ‘stay alongside of the Joneses.’ To spend greater than you earn is to are living in perpetual slavery. To spend extra now within the hope of constructing extra afterward is the harbinger of all subject matter struggling.” He advocated “easy dwelling and top considering.” His guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar, urged us to “are living inside of our manner.”

Why is that this vital? Cash is power. It’s one thing we give worth to as a result of we will be able to alternate it for the issues we would like or want in existence. It behooves us to make use of this useful resource correctly, or our power will transform depleted. If we would like extra issues, we need to put out extra power. Then again, if we stay taking flight from the considerable supply of common power and don’t refill it—reminiscent of borrowing and now not paying our money owed, or hoarding or squandering our cash—then we dissatisfied the sophisticated steadiness of giving and receiving. Yogananda stated that ownership of subject matter riches, with out inside peace, is like death of thirst whilst bathing in a lake. You are going to by no means really feel that you’ve got sufficient. 

What we’re endeavoring to follow is simplicity. Simplicity isn’t poverty. It manner, reasonably, lowering one’s needs in order that subject matter issues don’t interfere on one’s inside freedom—and that’s what we’re truly right here for!


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