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Sous Vide Turkey (Gentle + Juicy)


This sous vide turkey is made with a bone-in turkey breast and an herbed butter. We used a sear, sous vide, sear, roast approach to get it completely wet at the inside of and crispy at the out of doors. It’s best possible for a smaller Thanksgiving or if you wish to have to free-up house to your oven.

A table with a sous vide turkey and vegetables on it.

Now we have been cooking our meat sous vide for years now and it’s really one in every of our favourite learn how to get completely cooked meat during all the lower. Turkey meat can simply dry out, however we’re right here to show you tips on how to sous vide turkey so as to get that wet and juicy turkey and love.

We adore this recipe as a result of It’s made with a bone-in turkey breast as a substitute of a complete Thanksgiving turkey. The important thing to this recipe is the usage of ALL chicken. White and darkish meat wish to be cooked to other temperatures, which is why the sous vide is best possible for one lower of meat.

A handy guide a rough rundown: Rub a easy herbed butter underneath the turkey pores and skin after which sear it in butter to get it great and crispy. Vacuum seal it and prepare dinner it for 12 hours in a 165ºF water tub. After all, roast it at 400ºF for 20 mins.

What You Want for Sous Vide Turkey

  • Sous vide gadget, vacuum seal or plastic bag, and big container or a sous vide oven
  • 7-9 lb. bone-in turkey breast
  • Contemporary herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage
  • Butter, salt, and pepper
  • Kitchen wire and sharp carving knife
A turkey with dry rub and a turkey being seared in a cast iron skillet.

Methods to Make a choice a Turkey for Sous Vide

Whether or not you might be having a Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or only a amusing turkey dinner birthday celebration, figuring out what turkey to shop for will also be arduous.

1.5 lbs. of turkey in step with individual

On reasonable for a bone-in turkey, you will have to account for 1.5 lbs. in step with individual.

As a result of there are bones and different parts of the turkey that you are going to now not eat, counting 1.5 lbs. in step with individual is a guiding principle that can assist you to find the suitable turkey for you and your visitors. Don’t fear, every visitor gained’t be consuming 1.5 lbs. of turkey on their very own.

As an example, in case you are feeding 4 other people, you could possibly multiply 1.5 lbs. x 4 = 6 lbs. That implies you could possibly search for a 6-lb. chicken! Simple, peasy.


  • Herbs: Project past the vintage trio with oregano, marjoram, or a pinch of nutmeg.
  • Butter: Olive oil or ghee are glorious choices for a special taste profile.
  • Spices: A splash of paprika or garlic powder can upload a satisfying twist.
A turkey in a pot of water with a sous vide in the pot.

Are you able to sous vide a complete turkey?

We don’t advise the usage of a complete turkey within the sous vide since the chicken and darkish meat have other prepare dinner temperatures and prepare dinner occasions.

Is sous vide turkey protected?

Sous vide turkey is protected. Identical to another meat within the sous vide, you deliver the beef to a protected prepare dinner temperature, after which let it sous vide to tenderize the beef to juicy deliciousness.

Can I exploit oven luggage for sous vide?

Now we have by no means used an oven bag within the sous vide. We use a meals saver vacuum sealer and meals saver luggage.

Are you able to sous vide turkey in a single day?

Sure! We advise that you simply sous vide turkey in a single day or for no less than 12 hours in case you are the usage of a bone-in younger turkey breast.

How do I am getting crispy pores and skin on my turkey if I sous vide it?

The important thing to getting crispy pores and skin and scrumptious taste for sous vide turkey is to sear the turkey BEFORE and AFTER you sous vide it in addition to a handy guide a rough roast within the oven.

Pouring white wine sauce over the turkey


Retailer leftover turkey in an hermetic container for as much as 5 days within the refrigerator. Be at liberty to shred it and make turkey salad or turkey wild rice soup.

A plate with a Sous Vide turkey and vegetables on it.

Methods to Serve Your Sous Vide Turkey

Apply our turkey gravy recipe to make use of your drippings to make gravy. Then, serve your sous vide turkey with an aspect of creamy mashed potatoes, a colourful cranberry sauce, and a heap of roasted brussels sprouts.

Thanksgiving dinner with Sous Vide turkey and roasted vegetables on a table.

Sous Vide Turkey

This sous vide turkey is probably the most delicate and scrumptious turkey you’re going to ever style! When you’re in search of a turkey recipe that you’ll get ready earlier than Thanksgiving day or pals giving, then this sous vide turkey is for you!

Prep:40 mins

Cook dinner:12 hours

Overall:12 hours 40 mins

Fats 16

Carbs 12

Protein 25


  • First, get ready sous vide water tub by way of filling a 14 qt. pot (or better) with water. You’ll need sufficient water to hide your turkey when submerged.

  • Set the sous vide to 165ºF and convey water to temperature.

  • Subsequent, take away thawed turkey breast from the fridge and take away gravy packet. Use paper towel to take away any extra moisture from the turkey breast and put aside.

  • Position dried thyme, rosemary, oregano, brown sugar, garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder, and paprika right into a small bowl and blend till blended.

  • Subsequent, sprinkle the dry rub over the turkey breast and use your fingers to rub it into each a part of the turkey till all meat is generously lined. Let the turkey take a seat with the dry rub for no less than 20 mins or as much as 2 hours (for a extra intense taste, let take a seat for longer).

  • Subsequent, sear the turkey by way of hanging 3-4 tablespoons of butter into a big solid iron skillet. When butter is aromatic, position turkey pores and skin facet down onto the solid iron skillet. Let prepare dinner for 3-4 mins on every facet.

  • Take away from the forged iron skillet and position turkey breast into a big meals saver bag. We used an 11-inch meals saver roll, and it have compatibility an 8 lb. turkey completely.

  • Make an herb package deal with the contemporary rosemary, contemporary thyme, and contemporary sage after which upload it to the bag at the side of white wine.

  • Use your meals saver gadget to take away as a lot air out of the bag as conceivable after which seal. Double bag your turkey by way of hanging it into every other 11-inch bag to forestall tears and leaking. Take away air and seal.

  • Position the turkey into the sous vide water tub and clip it into position so it doesn’t transfer. Ensure that the turkey is submerged in water. If it’s now not, we recommend hanging a pot on most sensible of it to carry it underneath water.

  • Let the turkey breast prepare dinner within the sous vide at 165ºF for no less than 12 hours or as much as 24 hours. As soon as your turkey is absolutely cooked, take away it from the bag and set it apart.

  • Then, preheat oven to 400ºF.

  • Discard herbs from the bag, however pour the surplus liquid from the plastic bag thru a sieve and into s bowl and put aside.

  • Test the interior temperature of the turkey and ensure it’s between 163º and 165ºF.

  • Then, soften 3-4 tablespoons of butter in a big forged iron skillet. When the butter is melted and highly regarded, position the turkey breast into the pan, skin-side down. Sear for 3-4 mins or till browned, after which repeat at the different facet. Flip warmth off and pour sauce over the turkey breast.

  • Subsequent, position the turkey into the oven and roast at 400ºF for 20 mins, basting the turkey with the sauce each 5 mins. As soon as golden brown, take away turkey from oven and let leisure for 10-Quarter-hour earlier than reducing and serving.

  • Switch sauce from forged iron skillet and thicken as desired, or serve as-is on most sensible of the sliced turkey breast.

Pointers & Notes

  • Turkey gravy: to make a easy turkey gravy, mix 1 cup of turkey drippings with 3 cups of broth in a medium saucepan. Warmth over medium/top till boiling. Take away 1 cup of the liquid and whisk 2 tablespoons of cornstarch into the liquid. Whisk till there are not any lumps. Pour the combination again into the saucepan and whisk over medium/low warmth till the combination thickens (about 5 mins). If you want for a thicker gravy you’ll take away 1 cup extra of the liquid and upload 1 tablespoon of cornstarch to that tumbler. Whisk and pour again into the saucepan.

Diet information

Energy: 306kcal Carbohydrates: 12g Protein: 25g Fats: 16g Fiber: 1g Sugar: 7g


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