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Summer Finale In Hillsborough • Kath Eats


The boys and I spent our summer finale in Hillsborough, NC. Here’s the recap!

Summer Finale In Hillsborough

After moving out of our rental house, the boys and I spent our summer finale in my hometown of Hillsborough while Thomas stayed in Charlottesville finishing up our home renovation! I think this was the longest I’ve spent in Hillsborough since I went to college in 2001! It was great to spend time doing activities in the area and relaxing at home. Here were some of the highlights! 

The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick

If you have Legos fans and live anywhere near Raleigh, the Art of the Brick exhibit was well worth the visit. Artist and Lego extraordinaire Nathan Sawaya’s creations are incredible – from massive Lego creatures like a T-rex to Lego replicas of famous artwork and mind-bending thinker pieces.

The Art of the Brick

Mazen wore the perfect shirt!

Art of the Brick exhibit Lego baseball player Lego huge pencil

bear lego | Summer Finale In Hillsborough Summer Finale In Hillsborough Summer Finale In Hillsborough Lego skulls Peeking Lego Art of the Brick exhibit Mona Lisa Lego Pink Legos art is not optional T-Rex Lego

At the end there were materials to do a little creating of your own. 

Lego materials

While in the area, we had lunch at Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar!

Bad Daddy's Burger Bar Bad Daddy's Burger Bar

The Durham Bulls 

Another highlight was a trip to a Durham Bulls game! We had great cooler again this year.

off to watch Durham Bulls

Had to visit my brick! Look for my name at the Snorting Bull square : ) 

Snorting Bull square Durham Bulls mascot Durham Bulls mascot

For dinner we had potato chips, peanuts, and beer!! (Plus quesadillas, hot dogs, and a chicken sandwich.)

kid watching Durham Bulls game drink at Durham Bulls game peanuts at Durham Bulls game hit bull win steak

The boys were quite wiggly – I didn’t get to watch much of the game!

Summer Finale In Hillsborough

The Chicks!!

Before our visit I saw that The Chicks had rescheduled a show to the window when I would be in the area. I bought tickets for me and dad to go to Greensboro for the show. 

Me and dad to watch The Chicks

Beforehand we had an early dinner at Liberty Oak.

early dinner at Liberty Oak

Wild Rivers was the opening act, and they were awesome. 

Wild Rivers opening act

And The Chicks were as amazing as ever. I still don’t know why they don’t play more songs from their first two albums (I thought the same after I saw them in 2016) but at least this time I was mentally prepared. The setlist was similar to the 2016 show with the crowd roaring any time they played something old!

The Chicks concert

I love that they use their voices for equality and change (always they always have) and acknowledged Black Lives Matter, pride 365 days a year, gun violence and more during their show. 

The Chicks show The Chicks show


Mazen said he would like to see Barbie, so I took him to Chapel Hill to see it with dinner at Bartaco after. LOVED the movie (and its messages) and that he was open to seeing it. Made for great dinner conversation about gender in our society!

watching Barbie with son Bartaco for dinner | Summer Finale In Hillsborough Bartaco for dinner | Summer Finale In Hillsborough

Will Walk For Coffee

Many of the mornings I was in Hillsborough I walked to Cup-A-Joe’s for coffee and a muffin. The mornings were so crisp and pretty, and this time of year I didn’t mind a mile and a half before coffee at all. 

coffee and muffin | Summer Finale In Hillsborough

I met my long-time friend Cheryl for a longer walk and catch up one morning along the River Walk. 

Cheryl and I

morning walk trail | Summer Finale In Hillsborough coffee runs | Summer Finale In Hillsborough muffin coffee breakfast

I also bought a can of cold brew to have and enjoyed it over ice! Great tip to BYO if your dad also loves Folgers 😉 

cold brew at home | Summer Finale In Hillsborough

I did a few home + playground workouts too, but I am missing my routine! Need to lift something heavy that is not my child haha.

at home workout | Summer Finale In Hillsborough


Birch and Mazen are lucky to have a family down the street with children of similar ages. Mazen and the friend his age play together whenever we visit. And Birch now has a 6-year-old girl friend! They read books, played stuffed animal vets, and tended the fairy garden. 

Birch and playmate | Summer Finale In Hillsborough Summer Finale In Hillsborough

playing under the tree

Chill Time

We also did a whole lotta relaxing and read lots of books, watched Star Wars, built new Legos, went to the elementary school playground, ate Whit’s Custard, and watched the Steph Curry documentary!

chill time at home I am Birch | Summer Finale In Hillsborough Steph Curry documentary

Paperhand Puppets

Our last big adventure was to Chapel Hill for the Paperhand Puppet Show

First we had dinner at Bandito’s, my favorite Mexican restaurant from childhood. They closed the Hillsborough location during the pandemic. I’m not sure I would give the Franklin location a 10/10….

The show was at the Forest Theatre, an outdoor amphitheater. The puppets were very cool! My favorites were these moths on stilts and the mushroom that “broke it down” in a hip hop song (since mushrooms break things down!) 

Paperhand Puppets | Summer Finale In Hillsborough

There were themes of nature, ancestors, and respecting rivers. 

Paperhand Puppet Show Paperhand Puppet Show

While the show wasn’t really *for* kids, there were plenty of kids there who seemed to enjoy it. Birch and Mazen loved it, although they both did lots of wiggling as little boys do. We were glad to be outside where they could move around. 

Paperhand Puppet Show audience

Barbara Younger Art

Mom has been working hard on her paintings – here are two of her newest pieces, both for sale. The whale is made with tissue paper circles, and the Snowy Egret is on top of Jockey’s Ridge. Head to her website to see more available art. 

Barbara Younger Art | Summer Finale In Hillsborough

Old Friends Say Hello

teddy bears in bed


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