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Tempting The Disembodied Hand Of Destiny – Motorbike Snob NYC


I suppose it’s Metal Week right here on Motorbike Snob NYC, and one reason why to move with the magnetic choice when opting for a body is not to tempt the disembodied hand of destiny:

Imagine the Faggin:

It’s been in our circle of relatives for so long as I’ve been penning this weblog, which is an astonishing 17 years. (I imply writing a weblog for 17 years is astonishing, no longer striking onto a motorcycle for 17 years.) Additionally, who is aware of how the body used to be handled earlier than that, because it surely appeared its age after which some after we were given it. Now perhaps I’m tempting the disembodied hand of destiny [see above] via pronouncing this, however whilst I do know the Faggin may just surely Fa-fail at any level, it’s almost definitely no longer going to take action in a horrifying manner. (Howdy, I used to race motorcycles, I’ve noticed folks crash and depart a race sporting two halves of a crabon motorcycle. Additionally, I don’t know if it’s imaginable for a crimson motorcycle to be horrifying in any circumstance.)

Talking of the Faggin, the Faggindex is moderately top. May just it’s that my fresh posts about it have inflated their worth? Nearly not at all–as biking’s preeminent de-influencer, folks pass out in their strategy to do the other of no matter it’s I’m doing. Nonetheless, what else may just give an explanation for those costs?

[Via the eBay]

It’s a pleasant motorcycle, however $2,500?

In fact, it’s essential save your self some huge cash via getting a tiny body with Shimano 600 elements:

[Via the eBay]

Simply kidding!

Aw, fuck it, I’m getting the Faggin humorous motorcycle:

[Via the eBay]

In comparison to that little man it’s an absolute discount:

And clearly none of the ones Faggini have the nature of this one:

And no, I’m no longer seeking to fluff you for a sale. In truth I’m forbidden to promote this bicycle because the body has sentimental worth and is part of our circle of relatives historical past. For this reason I’ve returned it to common provider and am lavishing mechanical consideration on it.

Talking of metal motorcycles, and lavishing mechanical consideration, my loved Milwaukee in fact comes from valued longtime sponsor Ben’s Cycles, who’ve graciously assisted me in updating my wheel scenario:

The edges are Speed A23s:

And the hubs are Shimano 105:

These things isn’t even remotely unique, and that’s precisely how I love it.

Upon receipt they went proper onto the Milwaukee:

I’d been the usage of a Campagnolo hub, which is type of ridiculous because it limits you to Campagnolo (or I suppose additionally Miche) cassettes, however now between the Shimano hub and the friction shifter my cassette choices are almost countless:

Plus I nonetheless get the benefit from the perverse thrill of blending Shimano and Campagnolo:

I may additionally remind you that derailleur used to be runner-up within the Vintage Cycle twenty first Century Friction Shifter Shootout, so give it the consideration it merits.

The A23s are wider than the Open Professionals I used to be the usage of, and are a just right have compatibility with the 35mm tires:

Which the Milwaukee clears with room to spare:

Even on the medium-reach brake caliper:

And, I additionally were given a 2nd an identical pair of wheels, which I’ve now lavished upon the Faggin:

Sure, silver spokes would glance higher, however no matter.

The wheels I’d been the usage of on there earlier than have been over two decades previous; I take note purchasing them used and going out to Lengthy Island on my motorbike to pick out them up after paintings. (Are you able to consider I as soon as had a motorbike and a role? I used to be an absolutely other particular person.) I’d not too long ago changed the freehub frame, and whilst the operation used to be a good fortune, it wasn’t the right kind frame for the hub, and for causes I don’t moderately perceive I needed to do all kinds of axle spacer shenanigans and the cassette wound up beautiful a long way inboard. (Why an 11-speed freehub frame on a 9-speed hub strikes the cassette inboard I do not know.) Anyway all of it labored simply fantastic, however the chainline’s a lot better now, plus the edges aren’t frighteningly concave just like the previous ones have been:

If not anything else, one just right reason why to experience a metal motorcycle is that you’ll use just about no matter hub spacing you wish to have. Perhaps I’ll even get some disc brake tabs placed on there. Then the motorcycle shall be completely future-proof.


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