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The Banded Curls Variation: How To and Advantages


Ahh, the biceps. Have there been a extra written, spoken, and skilled muscle crew than the biceps? The biceps curl is a right-of-passage workout for all fitness center beginners. You wander over to the dumbbell rack, snatch a couple, and bust out rep after rep until your biceps bust aside you blouse sleeves.

There are numerous bicep curl diversifications available in the market the usage of quite a lot of gear, angles, and frame positions, however bucks to donuts, a lot of you haven’t noticed this one. Power trainer Lee Boyce, a 16-year qualified power and conditioning specialist and world-class writer, has one thing particular for you, the banded curls.

Boyce is a former university-level sprinter and lengthy jumper who has labored with quite a lot of shoppers, from actors to skilled athletes. However now he prefers to spend maximum of his time coaching normal inhabitants shoppers.

With Boyce’s banded curls variation, you’ll upload a mini-band to a dumbbell biceps curl to stretch your biceps to new lengths.

Lee Boyce’s Banded Curls

“Bicep curls are recommended as a result of they lend a hand building up the power of the higher arm, decrease arm, and grip. Those can have a treasured translation to day by day duties; now not handiest are curls for extra aesthetically pleasant fingers,” explains Boyce.

Biceps curls are for a lot more than self-importance. Since the biceps muscle has two heads, one originating at the shoulder blade and the opposite simply above the shoulder joint, they help the rotator cuff with shoulder balance. As they connect to the shoulder, the biceps lend a hand with shoulder flexion to make stronger the anterior delts.

However wait, there may be extra. The scapula stabilizing muscle groups (higher again and lats) are engaged isometrically to forestall the shoulders from rolling ahead when acting curls. The model right here will soup that up much more.

Finally, having a more potent grip and biceps will help you with your whole chin.-ups, pull-ups, and row diversifications. Since you are handiest as robust as your weakest hyperlink, and also you don’t need that to be your biceps, right kind?

Banded Curl Advantages

“The banded curl forces the higher arm’s exterior rotators (Rotator Cuff & Teres Minor) to paintings concurrently with the biceps because of the outward pressure at the band across the wrists. The addition of the band will double down on posture and stay the raise extra fair to a lifter’s skill when the stern shape is put into apply. The rear and mid deltoids gets moreover taxed along side the biceps.” says Boyce.

You might be operating extra muscle than simply the biceps. The place do you signal?

Banded Curl Shape Pointers

Observe: Even though Lee is acting together with his again to the reflect, it’s best to stand the reflect to respect your handiwork.

  • Stand tall, position a mild mini-band round your wrists, and cling a couple of lighter-than-normal dumbbells, 5 to 10 kilos not up to standard.
  • Just right upright posture (shoulders down, chest up) is essential to stay the strain within the mini-band and carry out those curls whilst continuously stretching the band.
  • A just right landmark to stay the consistent pressure is to stay the dumbbells wider than the hips and thighs right through all portions of the rep. That may point out that the band is being stretched and keeping up pressure.
  • Stay that pressure throughout the backside or top-end levels.

Programming Advice

Boyce suggests doing 3 to 4 units of 10-15 reps, preferably as a later motion on your exercise.


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