Monday, June 5, 2023

The Buzzing Impact: Uncover Your Maximum Robust Therapeutic Sound – Interview with Andi & Jonathan Goldman


When you experience this interview, you’ll discover a entire 7 week sound healer coaching direction from Jonathan Holdman at the Shift Community entitled
Sacred Vibrational Frequencies

On this 7-Module On-Call for Video Coaching Jonathan will display you the right way to use sound for private and planetary therapeutic — opening your thoughts, frame, and soul to all kinds of sacred vibrational frequencies.

Module 1: Sound, Your Unique Ingenious Force — Foundational Ideas & Practices, Phase 1

Module 2: The Secrets and techniques of Cymatics & Listening — Foundational Ideas & Practices, Phase 2

Module 3: Breath Is Existence — The Fundamentals of Breath & Firming

Module 4: Complicated Buzzing — Uncover the Harmonics & Therapeutic in Self-Created Sound

Module 5:  The Secrets and techniques of Sacred Ratio Tuning Forks

Module 6: Resonating With the Earth In the course of the Gaia Frequency Frame Tuners

Module 7: Non-public & Planetary Therapeutic — And the International AH


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