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The Elephant within the Room within the Well being House (& Easy methods to Repair It) with Ian Clark


Kid: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast.

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Hi and welcome to the Wellness Mama podcast. I’m Katie from, and this episode is concerning the elephant within the room within the fitness house and how you can repair it. And this will not be a subject that you’d wager, and it will not be the only you’re considering of, although you’re guessing. And I’m right here with my buddy Ian Clark, who when he was once 46 years previous, he had quite a lot of life-threatening fitness problems hit him suddenly. And he, like I used to be, was once compelled to begin looking for his personal strategies. And refusing to simply accept a adverse consequence, he selected a herbal trail, and he traveled the globe uncovering potent therapies with robust herbal fitness advantages. And after years of intense examine and supporting his personal frame, his corporate Activation Merchandise was once born. And we mentioned one thing this is, I believe, now not mentioned just about sufficient and by no means on the stage and the nuance that he explains it lately on this episode. So indubitably concentrate to this one concerning the elephant within the room in terms of fitness, and this truly sudden factor that he did and that many of us are having wonderful effects with and that I’ve additionally been experimenting with. So with out additional ado, let’s sign up for Ian Clark. Ian, welcome. It’s at all times one of these pleasure to get to speak to you, and I’m so satisfied we get to have this dialog lately.

Ian: Katie, yeah, it’s been some time. You’re having a look nice.

Katie: Neatly, thanks. Yeah, we’re lengthy past due for a catch-up. And I like that we’re going to get to head deep on what I believe are some truly vital subjects lately. I believe to begin huge, the name for this episode is concerning the elephant within the room and the fitness house. So I believe that’s the place we begin. What’s the elephant within the room?

Ian: Neatly, the elephant within the room is at all times one thing that isn’t evident, apparently. We at all times suppose that we’d by no means pass over the elephant within the room. However it comes proper all the way down to what can we do bodily probably the most. And what are the ones bodily issues we, those actions we do, how do they have an effect on us? And the only main factor that we do is we breathe 11,000 liters of air in line with day. That suggests we breathe 4 million liters a yr. Between the age of 20 and 60, that suggests we breathe 160 million liters of air. And everyone knows that the air has nanoparticle pollution in it. And they’re huge in quantity, but they’re invisible. So what you’ll’t see or odor or style, you’re respiring.

And we all know that mathematically and scientifically they exist. As a result of we’re riding vehicles which produce large quantities of air pollution like tire mud and brake mud. I’m now not so frightened concerning the gasoline. The vehicles are lovely environment friendly burning gasoline. However the tire mud and the brake mud are two hugely large disorders of those nanoparticles we breathe, they appear to be little razor blades. There’s 10 billion kilos of tire mud in america launched into the ambience once a year, and it is going a mile and a part above the entire roads the place vehicles pressure and vans pressure. In order that contamination reasons us fitness problems over the years. And fortunately, we all know what the answer is and how you can repair that downside. However that’s the massive elephant within the room that persons are lacking.

Katie: And what are one of the most results that that is having at the human frame? I imply, it is smart. I’ve at all times concept relating to triage, everyone will get so keen on what they consume and the dietary supplements they take, which, after all, may also be crucial as properly. But if we have a look at it on an quantity of affect stage, we’re respiring all day, each day, even whilst we’re napping. Our hydration, I believe, may be vital as a result of we will be able to cross for much longer with out meals than with out water. However air is the person who will kill us the fastest if we don’t have it. And the person who since we’re respiring all day, each day, turns out like tremendous vital. So what are one of the most issues that occur to the frame once we’re getting that buildup of the whole lot from the air?

Ian: Neatly, the very first thing that occurs is while you breathe air into your lungs, folks call to mind their lungs as a balloon as a result of while you breathe in, you are feeling this factor fell up and it expands. So while you check out a suite of lungs, they’re truly chunks of meat. They’re very dense chunks of meat that experience a majority of these aeolian pathways to head thru, and it covers about 100 sq. miles of floor house is how a lot the air is touching at the within your lungs. They’re that complicated. And that air instantaneously is transferred into your bloodstream, which matches without delay on your center which then is going without delay on your mind. After which, it is going all over the remainder of your frame.

And the numbers across the blood are quite simple and vital. They tie into what that is all about. You might have simplest 5 liters or 5 quarts of blood for your frame. So the ones 5 liters are going to switch thru your whole frame each 60 seconds. You might have 86,500 heartbeats in line with day. And also you pump that 5 liters as much as 7,600 liters of blood an afternoon. So the whole lot you’re inhaling, the oxygen, the nitrogen, the helium, all the ones issues within the air, plus the entire nanoparticulars are going to be transferred to each unmarried cellular for your frame, each unmarried minute. And it ultimately accumulates as a result of those nanoparticles are so tiny, it takes years to amass. And as they collect for your gadget, they plug up your filters like your liver and your kidneys specifically. And so, when your kidneys get plugged up, they usually measure the standard operation of a suite of kidneys in a 20-year-old as opposed to a 60-year-old, the 60-year-old has about 35% potency in comparison to the 20-year-old in keeping with this downside.

The opposite factor that occurs is each muscle wall of your whole vascular gadget, which is round 6,500 miles or 10,000 kilometers, each and every muscle wall has the peristaltic motion of a pulse, billions and billions of pulses each minute which can be shifting the blood thru your gadget, the ones muscle partitions get stuffed up with those pollution. They get jammed in there ultimately, and that’s what reasons hardened arteries. Folks take into consideration during the studying, which is, such as you discussed, crucial. However what I spotted is that the entire individuals who had been truly fitness wide awake, consuming the most efficient meals, being wide awake in their setting, ensuring their homes are blank. Ensuring that they’re hydrating, ensuring that they’re meditating, they’re aware, they’re type, proper? They’re doing the entire issues that they must be doing. Everybody was once nonetheless loss of life on the reasonable age, which I knew intended that we had been lacking one thing very, very large. As a result of even health-conscious folks have a median age of between 81 and 85 years previous as opposed to individuals who aren’t health-conscious averaging between 74 and 79. So relying on what folks had been doing, properly, that’s now not very thrilling.

If it is advisable to have the organic age of a 25 to a 35-year-old, indefinitely, the place you’re getting in fact more fit each day going ahead, that’s the important thing efficiency indicator that we’re speaking about lately that we will be able to succeed in. So when your cells plug up, that suggests your organs aren’t functioning as properly. That implies that you’re opening up your self to attainable illness signs, like center illness, Alzheimer’s dementia, strokes, center assaults, cancers, and so forth. As a result of your frame can not proceed to be practical when it has a majority of these contaminants increase. And the blood simply helps to keep distributing it, and the blood gadget can’t get it out rapid sufficient.

The opposite downside we have now is the meals does now not have the correct minerals anymore. Neatly, it doesn’t have the correct minerals. Neatly, folks will blame, you recognize, the whole lot from the 2nd International Conflict on the place they did monocropping. That’s an issue, however for 1000’s of years, the minerals had been washed out of the soil already. As a result of distilled water is rain, and that’s a solvent. And it rains in the world for tens of 1000’s of years, washing the minerals within the soil down into the water desk, and now it’s long gone. It is going from the water desk to the streams to the rivers to the tributaries, and it is going out to the sea.

So what I discovered is an actual easy repair to the issue. While you cross to the sea and also you get the concentrated qualified natural sea minerals of their huge spectrum, unrefined, of their authentic state, and also you devour them in liquid all over the day, like on this glass proper right here, is electrolytic fluid that I make each day. I batch make it, so I make seven or 8 liters of this. So I simplest drink two to a few liters an afternoon of this. However that is the uncooked subject matter. It seems that your frame makes use of to supply blank blood. And your frame is generating blood 24 hours an afternoon. However it doesn’t produce even with regards to sufficient. As it doesn’t have sufficient uncooked subject matter to supply the amount of blood that may blank itself out. Your blood will depend on the filters, and the filters get plugged up. So the extra that your liver and kidneys lose their potency, the quicker the buildup occurs. So while you’re younger, you don’t realize it a lot. However by the point you’re 50, 60, it’s like, you realize issues. You’ll realize mind serve as, you’ll realize your endocrine gadget isn’t running as properly, your digestive gadget, your circulatory, your respiration, all of your gadget adjustments. It’s not getting higher.

So, so as to opposite that, and it took me 15 years to in fact in finding the clue in to what the answer was once, and I needed to be recommended. And it was once like taking items of the puzzle and in the end getting sufficient items and the massive ones that had been lacking to look the image. And I engaged the total protocol simply when I grew to become 64 years previous. By the point I grew to become 65, I used to be dwelling in a wholly other frame this is now measurable to be between a 25 and a 35-year-old organic fitness. My cardiovascular gadget stepped forward dramatically, my digestive gadget.

So somebody listening and also you your self, Katie, are at the vanguard of a majority of these issues. You recognize that the rationale that persons are taken with this stuff is as a result of you wish to have to have a frame this is in nice situation so long as conceivable. As a result of then you’ll be extra practical for the reason that older you get, the wiser you develop into, the extra skilled you might be, the extra precious you might be. So for those who get an additional 10 years and some other further 10 years and some other further 10 years, and also you stay doing that with those rules, you develop into increasingly more precious in the world on your family members, on your colleagues, on your buddies, to folks you deliver worth to. And that’s the purpose, is to stick alive bodily so long as humanly conceivable. However the caveat is you must have exceptionally just right fitness. As a result of in a different way, for those who glance up the longest-living folks on Earth, that’s now not the image we wish as a result of they give the impression of being horrible, after which they die. And the longer they reside, the extra they undergo, and the extra they’re unsatisfied till they in the end cross. So this isn’t what we’re speaking about. We’re speaking about getting happier. And having a happier lifestyles each unmarried day. And the place you’ve gotten nice relationships. So what’s an important dating that you’ll have, is the connection with your self. Simply take into consideration you, Katie. What’s your dating like with your self?

Katie: I might say I’m very thankful that it’s a lot, a lot better than it was once after years of finding out to do such things as audit my self-talk and ask higher questions and make extra loving statements internally. And in addition, thru numerous the issues that we’ve mentioned in previous conversations of nurturing the bodily frame, I believe additionally is helping nurture your internal enjoy as properly and vice versa. Adore it creates very certain comments loops. I believe I’m a lot gentler and kinder to myself than I was. And I additionally suppose it’s a adventure. So I’m nonetheless, after all, on it and nonetheless finding out, however I’m very thankful for the place I’m on this adventure presently.

Ian: Yeah, evidently. And from the time I first met you again in 2012 to lately, I see a limiteless development in such a lot of spaces of your lifestyles as a result of that actual fact. So we have a look at our our bodies, and I name that body structure as a result of that’s what it’s. So our body structure is our bodily being, our bodily enjoy. And you are taking people who find themselves keen about any matter, possibly it’s track or artwork, or possibly they’re into, you recognize, just right vehicles or gorgeous properties or structure or no matter they’ve an passion in. What do you do when you are interested in an issue is you be told the whole lot you perhaps can about that matter.

And so an important factor to you on this bodily international, on this temporal lifestyles we have now, is to know the way the frame operates. What are the mechanisms? How can we improve our frame’s skill to deal with itself? As a result of we will be able to improve the upkeep, however our frame is mechanically keeping up itself. So those rules get started within the physiological international. Numerous folks say, “Oh, you recognize, I wish to trade the consequences.” You recognize, numerous folks have dangerous pores and skin, or they’ve deficient digestion, or they get center illness or they get most cancers. And the ones display up as the consequences on the very most sensible of the pyramid. Neatly, on the backside of the pyramid is the body structure. However on the most sensible of the pyramid is the indications and the ends up in the physiological international. Neatly, what’s in between your body structure on the backside and the highest is you’ve gotten streams of knowledge. Your frame is generating, you’ll believe the volume of knowledge going thru. It’s greater than any laptop gadget ever. Each and every gadget for your frame is speaking on your mind, which is speaking again during the center and the intestine. And that gadget needs to be optimized.

So folks say, “Neatly, your habits is deficient, you’ve gotten dangerous habits. You’re now not consuming proper, you’re now not doing this, you’re now not doing that, you’re now not getting right kind sleep, you’re now not managing your rigidity.” You’ll be able to level at the entire issues that persons are doing unsuitable within the behavioral international, and that’s why you’re getting dangerous effects. That’s true. You’ll be able to’t inform any person to simply trade their habits. That’s now not simple. It’s important to cross deeper. What impacts your habits is your considering. The way you suppose goes to have an effect on your habits. What impacts your considering? What impacts your considering is how you are feeling. Your emotions are going to very a lot have an effect on your considering. And your emotions are pushed from emotion. Emotion isn’t feeling, it’s simply emotion. And the phrase emotion comes from power in movement. The emotion is pushed out of your physiological well-being or sickness. If you happen to’re now not properly physiologically, it creates power and movement that you simply don’t need. That makes you are feeling dangerous. You could be depressed or frightened. You could be drained and feature deficient power. You may really feel badly about your self, that you simply’re now not just right sufficient, or you recognize, what’s unsuitable?

After which that can reason your considering to be very deficient and adverse, developing behaviors which can be in quest of a symptom, possibly it’s alcohol or marijuana or some painkiller or one thing, proper? While when your body structure is dialed in, you get truly robust, just right knowledge bobbing up into that power emotion, makes you are feeling unbelievable. You’re satisfied to be alive, you’re like, “Oh thank God I discovered a majority of these issues, and I’m getting this nice feeling.” And then you definately cross into your considering, your considering is massively stepped forward as a result of now you are taking a great certain method to everyone and the whole lot mechanically, irrespective of circumstance. And that considering then creates habits that’s like, “Hi there, I wish to do, can I do issues that make me really feel higher?” And your habits begins to song proper into your considering, then that delivers superior effects on the most sensible, which then feeds the entire method backpedal into your body structure to strengthen it since you’re in a cycle. So from the highest, it feeds the ground. The ground then is going up, and it will get this vortex going upward the place you’re increased.

While while you’re going the wrong way, when your body structure is getting harmed, since you didn’t understand how to improve the meanings of it. And your emotions are, it’s like a trade. If you happen to don’t have cash within the account to make payroll, how do you are feeling? Unhealthy, proper? You’re now not satisfied. Your feelings have pushed within the trade aspect. So there’s such a lot of analogies that lets give, however on the finish of the day, it’s you who will get the praise for doing the correct factor, and it’s you who can pay the cost you’ll’t find the money for for those who do the unsuitable factor. So we don’t wish to speak about, “Oh, I’ve were given to get extra self-discipline.” No, that’s now not the way it works. We cross proper to the depths, proper to our our bodies. So the elephant within the room is to supply blank blood to mend the respiring downside. When your bone marrow produces wonderful quantity of unpolluted, fine quality blood 24 hours an afternoon since you’re feeding it the uncooked subject matter within the type of those sea minerals then, that blank blood begins to take away all the ones issues which can be inflicting that decline. Now you’re on a slight incline at all times. Your frame opposite ages. It takes you again to that 25- to 35-year-old. And I say that as a result of that’s your top at 25. That’s when your prefrontal cortex is totally evolved. Now you might be that one who you’re now going to both recover or worsen over the years.

In order that’s a key efficiency indicator. I’m feeling higher each unmarried day. I’ve extra flexibility, extra mobility, extra agility. I’ve extra sustainable power. I’ve were given extra staying power. My mind is operating a long way higher. I’ve a greater reminiscence. My endocrine gadget is generating the entire proper hormones on the proper time of the day and the correct time of the month. I’ve my autonomic fearful gadget is tremendous satisfied. I will be able to put myself in parasympathetic anytime I make a selection. I will be able to put myself in sympathetic rigidity anytime I wish to get the task accomplished. However I flipped proper out of that once more, again to parasympathetic. I am getting the inner most sleeps. I am getting utterly rejuvenated at midnight. I get up within the morning able to head for the day. And that is the important thing efficiency indicator that will get higher and higher the extra you be told and the extra you do the correct issues.

Katie: Neatly, and I like this about you since you appear to have an unending interest, which I like. And I, like as you discussed, we’ve been buddies for now over 10 years, and we’ve gotten to have such a lot of interesting conversations as you stay asking questions and stay discovering new solutions. And also you’re at all times very solutions-focused, which I like, now not problems-focused. And this particularly strains up such a lot with, I’ve now not accomplished as a lot examine as you, however I stay coming again to minerals being so key and the way our trendy way of life does now not set us up for luck with out some intentionality right here as a result of, as you discussed, issues are already depleted.

We’ve been informed to steer clear of such things as minerals and salt for a very long time. And once I have a look at the knowledge such as you, I checked out puts like Blue Zones, and everyone needs to hone in on did they consume meat or now not? Did they drink wine or now not? And what stood out to me was once they normally lived in very mineral-rich spaces and nurtured truly robust group. And I might preface that probably the ones two components are a lot more vital than whether they did or didn’t drink wine. However I like that you simply’re open to this dialog with minerals and particularly the standard as a result of I believe I’ve observed this play out in my fitness evidently. My organic age I lately examined was once virtually 10 years beneath my precise age. So it was once about 26, I consider. And I believe as I dial this stuff in additional, I may see that quantity even cross down extra. However are you able to speak about why this isn’t your reasonable complement or resolution that you’d stumble upon? I do know you’ve talked concerning the organic stage and the blood stage of this and why it’s so vital. However on a extra explicit stage, what does that arc appear to be? How briefly can our frame transfer again to a greater state once we get this stuff dialed in?

Ian: Neatly, it’s an overly fast motion. So relying on how previous you might be these days, like for those who’re two decades previous, you’ll deal with the 20-year-old standing for an indefinitely very long time, like steadily. If you’re a 64 years previous like I used to be, it took a complete yr of constructing positive I used to be taking a vital quantity of the ocean minerals all day lengthy. And I watched my frame right away start to trade. So, however it took a yr. It took two and a part complete, virtually 3 complete months, to mend an enlarged prostate downside that I had. I didn’t know why I had enlarged prostate, I simply knew I had that. And I had taken dietary supplements to take a look at to lend a hand that. I had used a tool that might lend a hand that. However that wasn’t the answer. Since the downside was once that I have been respiring all of those nanoparticulates that had plugged up my prostate. The blank blood went in and stuck it. My urinary disorders went away. The libido disorders went away. And now my prostate’s like a tender guy once more. So I used to be like, that simplest was once two and a part to a few months.

My cardiovascular gadget. Your cardiovascular gadget will strengthen right away the primary day, and it is going to be incremental just a bit bit each unmarried day. And what I discovered was once that I had a cardiovascular downside that I didn’t know existed. As a result of once I measure my blood power, my blood power was once at 115 over 65, like an athlete, for a few years. Quickly as I began consuming the correct amount of sea minerals and produced extra blank blood, like much more blank blood, my blood power began to climb. Within the first month, it went as much as 180 over 120. And for those who had been to visit a physician, he’d cross, “Ian, what are you doing? You’re at 180 over 120. That’s hypertension.” And I say, “Neatly, in fact, I’m consuming salt water.” He is going, “No, you were given to prevent that. It’s important to forestall consuming the salt water. Didn’t you recognize that salt reasons hypertension? How a lot are you consuming?” “Neatly, I’m consuming a pound of salt a month in liquid shape.” “Oh, no, no, you were given to prevent that totally. And we were given to position you on diuretics. As a result of you’ve gotten method an excessive amount of blood for your gadget. You’ve were given to cut back the volume of blood. You’ve were given hardened arteries, sir. You might have kidneys which can be plugged up. You’re seeking to pressure extra blood thru kidneys which can be simplest running at 35%. You were given to opposite this.” And I might cross, “Neatly, sir, in fact consuming salt water doesn’t reason that.” “Sure, it does. It’s the one factor you began doing that led to it. You might have highest blood power, and swiftly, you’re at 180 or 120. Neatly, simply dangle on a little.”

And inside of seven months of consuming an identical quantity each day, my blood power went all the way down to commonplace ranges. I used to be nonetheless consuming simply as a lot. Neatly, what took place is my blank blood went in and wiped clean out all the ones nanoparticles, the ones razor blades, that had embedded themselves within the muscle partitions of my cardiovascular gadget, which is 6,500 miles in duration. And so they were given supple and younger once more. And my blood power went again to commonplace. Merely for the reason that blank blood wiped clean it out. It wasn’t the salt water that led to it. It was once the gorgeous quantities of volumes of unpolluted blood that led to it, and that still fastened the issue.

My mind serve as went method up as a result of we’re electrolytic beings. So for those who speak about those, that is without equal bio-compatible bioidentical electrolyte that you’re actually a strolling ocean, 80% of your frame is electrolytic fluid. If you happen to cry a tear, what does it style like? Ocean water. If you happen to sweat, what does that style like? Salt, ocean water. You might have blood and lymph fluids, 80% of your frame is like ocean water. And since you’re consuming water with out the ocean minerals in it, the water is disposing of the ones treasured minerals from your gadget that you want very a lot. Folks say, “Neatly, I drink mineral water.” Neatly, let me inform you, the mineral water this is dissolved rocks as a result of water is a solvent, dissolving rock. That’s now not the minerals you’ll construct blood with. That doesn’t allow you to. And the meals has all been depleted. So we merely cross to the sea, get the qualified natural stuff that we’ve in position. And we devour it, and that’s the most important recreation changer. Everybody will realize a myriad of gorgeous upgrades and adjustments as they undergo somewhat little bit of a curler coaster journey as it does have an effect on you. So the symptom of 180 over 120 I now understand isn’t hypertension. Now, can I inform you some other tale that can surprise you?

Katie: Completely.

Ian: This comes to my spouse. And persons are going to freak out once they listen this. I informed her about this. And he or she’s by no means truly been a great adamant fitness recommend, however she’s at all times lived a gorgeous wholesome lifestyles. You recognize, she runs our farm as all natural meals. And he or she began consuming the salt water. She has had seven kids. We had seven kids in combination. And so her frame was once obese in consequence as a result of she by no means truly paid consideration to numerous the stuff. And her blood power began to head up. Inside of 3 months, the blood power observe that I take advantage of at house would now not learn. It is going as much as 330, and it could cross to an error. And I believed it was once my gadget that was once the issue. So I took her all the way down to the pro unit of the drug retailer. She were given on that, and she or he maxed it out and it went into an error. She was once no less than 400 over one thing in that class. And he or she felt completely effective. And he or she stored consuming. She didn’t forestall. She didn’t freak out. She didn’t cross, “Oh my God, I’m going to die.” She didn’t do any of the ones issues. She stored consuming the salt water.

And her blood power went proper backpedal to commonplace ranges inside of 8 months. It took her 8 months. And so I noticed, “Cling it. I believe we’re being informed some incorrect information about blood power.” She didn’t have any ugly signs from having blood power at that stage. What’s occurring? Now she feels truly just right in her blood power, all the way down to commonplace ranges. So what’s that every one about? So we’re scared, we’re scared by way of what we predict is correct clinical knowledge, you can’t have that occur to you. Now, I didn’t be expecting that to do this to her, I might have concept that was once very unhealthy, however she were given thru it completely effective. She was once utterly practical the entire time. And if I might have by no means checked her blood power for 8 months after which she checked it, and she or he was once commonplace, I might have concept, no downside. However as a result of we checked it and we discovered it was once astronomically what can be regarded as prime, however it didn’t topic. I believe she broke a global file. She’s 62 years previous. So, it’s, lifestyles is a thriller.

Katie: Neatly, and I like this as a result of I believe adore it truly demanding situations numerous the assumptions associated with such things as salt intake and blood power and what they in fact imply. And I believe this is going again to first rules and asking higher inquiries to recover solutions. I like that you simply additionally discussed, you recognize, we at all times listen that our frame is, nearly all of our frame is water, however that’s now not in fact a correct commentary. The vast majority of our frame is salt water. And so, I truly suppose over simply over-hydrating with out the mineral element more than likely can do extra hurt than just right over the longer term, particularly relying at the supply of that water as properly.

However I additionally at all times return to, you recognize, the frame needs to transport towards a state of thriving. It needs to heal. It’s a herbal state, and we need to determine how you can improve it in what it already does. Such as you stated, it’s now not that any complement or this anything else is doing it for you. It’s simply serving to your frame do what it naturally needs to do and is designed to do. However I simply in finding it so ironic that we’ve been informed for see you later that salt particularly is dangerous for us. And if you find yourself speaking about those tales which can be simply so putting and the way that has modified for each you and to your spouse, and I might wager for plenty of people now as properly.

Ian: Oh yeah, evidently, everybody. There was once one colleague that I’ve who’s 19, and she or he began consuming the salt water. I checked her inside of 3 months. She’s an athlete. Her blood power by no means moved one unmarried iota. It didn’t cross up in any respect. She had athletic blood power the entire time. Doesn’t topic how a lot saltwater she beverages. It’s going to stick highest as a result of she hasn’t breathed the 160 million liters of air but.

And so, what’s going on now could be each unmarried day, what I breathe in, now leaves. I’ve gotten rid of the buildup. My lungs for one complete month, it began at seven months into this procedure. And I’d had respiration problems as a result of I labored within the oil box for 17 years, and I were given truly infected. I began coughing up white glue. I had no no fever, no an infection in any respect. These items I used to be coughing up, each half-hour I used to be coughing up, this was once truly bizarre. I’m maximum filled with the stuff I needed to spit out in the bathroom. And it got here out like glue. It had no colour and no style. And it was once a whole month of hacking these items up. And persons are having a look at me in public going, “What’s unsuitable with you?” If I used to be at an match and I’m having to go away each half-hour to cough, and I imply, I needed to cough it like an workout program to get it up as it was once so sticky. After which I had a few month and a part the place it stopped, after which it began once more for some other month, after which it simply completed. It seems that, it’s accomplished as a result of I haven’t had it occur once more. However we’ll see. However our lungs are this large matrix. So respiration was once right away fastened.

And the opposite factor that I spotted was once my digestive fitness were given highest. As a result of while you drink those sea minerals within the water on a continuing foundation, it’s also the uncooked subject matter that you’re making hydrochloric acid with. The secret’s chloric. Those are chloride minerals. So now, my hydrochloric acid is at the best quality that has ever been in my whole lifestyles. The whole lot I consume, whether or not I may just consume proteins and fat, it doesn’t topic how a lot, I don’t want any longer digestive enzymes, no probiotics. I’ve two to a few bowel actions an afternoon. My complete gadget is squeaky blank from entrance to again. And that was once like, I used to be like, “Wow.” You recognize, folks grow older, they begin to have intestine disorders. Like diverticulitis, leaky intestine, IBS, Crohn’s, GERD, all that stuff is all for the reason that hydrochloric acid high quality is getting decrease and decrease as a result of they’re diluting the minerals.

Now folks speak about pH. Now they’ve the pH vitamin, you were given to have prime pH. Neatly, that’s a mythology for the reason that minerals stability your pH completely. Your abdomen has 1.5 pH. Your liver’s working at 5.8. Your kidneys at 5.6. A lot of these other organs have various things. Your blood is at all times 7.365. It simply helps to keep it there always. So placing the minerals in will provide you with the gasoline. That is precise gasoline. It’s mind gasoline. It’s cardiovascular gasoline. It’s respiration and so forth. It’s gasoline. So that you give your self just right blank gasoline all day lengthy and it eliminates all them since you’re respiring the tire mud. Simply as an example, tires are manufactured from rubber, cotton, epoxes, resins, plastics, microplastics, chemical compounds, and metals. And also you’re respiring it. You’ll be able to’t be expecting to have a protracted, lengthy, lengthy, extraordinarily lengthy, just right, wholesome lifestyles for those who don’t do something positive about it.

So that is the elephant within the room that we have got handled. And somebody who does it unearths out for themselves. And the one method you’ll know Katie, and that’s what you’ve been doing, is you discovered, oh, that you simply began doing it. It teaches you by way of supplying you with the consequences. And you spot that on the most sensible of the pyramid, which is the place we wish to reside.

Katie: I like that. And I like that it’s like, with that analogy, it’s the bottom of the pyramid that we’re addressing, now not the indications that display up on the most sensible, which is a a lot more efficient long-term technique. And I like additionally that you simply discussed {the electrical} element as a result of I learn the ebook years in the past, The Frame Electrical, and it reframed how I thought of my frame and what I installed my frame. And I believe like this has been some other piece that I’m, such as you stated, experimenting with and, to this point, having nice effects with. And I believe it comes again to minerals such a lot. And this can be a ordinary theme in this podcast, evidently. And I like that we were given to take it even a degree deeper this time. And also you had been ready to give an explanation for the lung stage, the blood stage, how that is so intricately attached to each unmarried cellular in our frame. So, after all, I can put a hyperlink within the display notes for you guys listening at to the ocean minerals so as to in finding out extra. And I do know you even have a super quantity of instructional assets to be had in your web site as properly. So I’ll hyperlink to all of the ones. However Ian, it’s at all times an absolute pleasure to be told from you. Thanks such a lot to your time and for sharing lately. And I’m so satisfied we were given to head deep in this matter.

Ian: Thanks, Katie, for inviting me and sharing this data.

Katie: And thank you as at all times for becoming a member of us. We’re each so thankful that you simply did, and I am hoping that you’re going to sign up for me once more at the subsequent episode of the Wellness Mama Podcast.

If you happen to’re taking part in those interviews, would you please take two mins to go away a ranking or evaluate on iTunes for me? Doing this is helping extra folks to seek out the podcast, which means that much more mothers and households may just take pleasure in the ideas. I truly recognize your time, and thank you as at all times for listening.


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