Friday, June 2, 2023

The Going Fee for the Enamel Fairy in Every State


How a lot does the enamel fairy pay nowadays?

We made up our minds to run a enamel fairy ballot of over 1,700 folks in the USA to determine what the common going price is for the enamel fairy in every of the 50 states.

Right here’s what we discovered.

tooth fairy price per state US
State Reasonable Payout
Alabama 3.08
Alaska 3.83
Arizona 2.97
Arkansas 3.72
California 3.61
Colorado 3.47
Connecticut 3.23
Delaware 4.46
District of Columbia 3.71
Florida 2.97
Georgia 3.7
Hawaii 3.57
Idaho 3.36
Illinois 3.41
Indiana 3.42
Iowa 3.91
Kansas 3.62
Kentucky 3.2
Louisiana 3.22
Maine 3.06
Maryland 3.2
Massachusetts 2.56
Michigan 3.33
Minnesota 3.29
Mississippi 3.12
Missouri 3.43
Montana 4.35
Nebraska 3.27
Nevada 3.93
New Hampshire 3.77
New Jersey 3.21
New Mexico 3.6
New York 3.53
North Carolina 2.97
North Dakota 4.15
Ohio 3.11
Oklahoma 3.86
Oregon 2.87
Pennsylvania 3.28
Rhode Island 4.02
South Carolina 2.75
South Dakota 3.62
Tennessee 2.8
Texas 3.56
Utah 3.25
Vermont 3.98
Virginia 3.12
Washington 3.23
West Virginia 3.86
Wisconsin 2.74
Wyoming 4.33

Pattern main points

Best US contributors and best contributors who’re folks with kids underneath the age of 13 we reenrolled within the survey. Members have been recruited from each and every US state with a mean of 35participants recruited from every state. The pattern has a becoming distribution throughout age classes for US folks with 15% ages 18-27, 56% ages 28-37, 24% ages 38-47, and 5% age 48 or older. Members have been additionally sampled with an equitable gender distribution with 46% male and 54p.cfemale respondents. The quickest 5% of the pattern have been got rid of ahead of research to verify information high quality (as they are going to have sped via with out paying consideration) leading to a last pattern dimension of N=1,788. Members have been compensated at a price a minimum of an identical to $15/hour.

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Members have been requested how a lot the enamel fairy these days leaves in keeping with enamel of their families. With the intention to arrive at a competent estimate of the common value in every state, we used a linear mixed-effects regression fashion. This manner permits all knowledge to be integrated into every state’s value estimate with a point of pooling in response to the choice of observations in keeping with state. This produces effects somewhat very similar to taking easy method of reported costs via contributors in every state however is extra dependable as it additionally comprises knowledge from costs reported via contributors in different states to be able to stabilize estimates. Within the determine without delay beneath you’ll be able to see how those two approaches to estimating value via state are extremely correlated. I like to recommend reporting the pooled estimates however you’ll be able to use the easy method if you happen to desire. I supply columns and graphs for each beneath.


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