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The Guided Biofilm Treatment Is and Stays the Absolute Favorite


First printed in ZMK, Jg. 39, Ausgabe 11-12, November/Dezember 2023.634-635, Spitta GmbH

Someone who desires to stick wholesome additionally values their oral well being and continuously is going for pro prophylaxis. Following remedy with Guided Biofilm Treatment (GBT), over 278,000 sufferers international had been surveyed the usage of standardized questionnaires. Of those, 94 % want GBT to standard strategies and subsequently counsel it to friends and family. They had been additionally requested about their belief of ache, the time required and the usefulness of revealing.

Because of the excessive burden of illness, the Global Well being Group (WHO) has recognized oral illnesses – together with caries and periodontitis – as a key well being downside [1,2]. To get this beneath keep watch over, along with a wholesome way of life, the microbial plaque (biofilm) should be got rid of continuously and entirely. On the other hand, day by day non-public oral hygiene gets rid of a most of fifty% of the biofilm from supragingival teeth surfaces, specifically within the interdental space [3].

As a 2nd pillar, common and efficient skilled prophylaxis is subsequently of the most important significance [4,5]. For this to achieve success, it should be patient-friendly and mirror present wisdom and technical development [6-11]. Based on those necessities, EMS advanced the concept that of Guided Biofilm Treatment (GBT) in collaboration with main mavens [12]. To be able to resolve the acceptance of GBT in comparison to standard strategies, sufferers of GBT-certified practices had been surveyed the usage of standardized questionnaires.

Means and Effects

The certification protocol comprises GBT coaching for the observe crew through the Swiss Dental Academy (SDA) and the number of affected person comments. The anonymized responses (n = 278,258) had been equipped to EMS through 13,082 GBT-certified practices and clinics for analysis (as at 31.10.2023).

The questionnaire used for the comments accommodates 7 questions that may be rated on a scale of 0 to five. They all scored round 4.7 of five.0 imaginable issues, all confirmed an overly excessive point of acclaim for GBT. Sufferers additionally rated the correct period of time required and the absence of ache. With a percentage of 93.93%, they obviously most popular GBT to the traditional manner (Fig. 1). 93.17% of respondents regarded as disclosing to be helpful. This step within the GBT protocol guarantees that the biofilm has been utterly got rid of – a top quality assurance for affected person and practitioner. The College of Zurich was once concerned within the additional building of the questionnaire.


In standard skilled enamel cleansing, exhausting plaque is first got rid of the usage of invasive sonic, ultrasonic and handbook tools [13]. Next sharpening additionally leads to the lack of precious teeth substance with out attaining a smoother floor [14]. As well as, staining is steadily ignored [15]. In GBT, then again, the biofilm as an etiological issue is first got rid of from all oral surfaces. That is performed – after necessary disclosing – in a minimally invasive and mild way with AIR-FLOWING®.

Fig. 1: Sufferers love GBT: At 94%, the overwhelming majority obviously want the systematic and risk-adapted protocol of Guided Biofilm Treatment protocol (end result for score 4 or 5 stars, together with 3 stars = 99.3 %).

Fig. 2: Handiest with AIR-FLOWING® (Laminar Drift) does the PLUS powder go away the nozzle at a relentless and controlled drift fee (patented laminar AIRFLOW® generation) [17]. AIR-FLOWING® is the combo of AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Grasp, AIRFLOW® MAX/PERIOFLOW® and PLUS powder, making biofilm control extra predictable, more secure, extra environment friendly and extra handy

Very best effectiveness and potency is demonstrated through the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Grasp with the AIRFLOW® MAX because of the patented Laminar generation, PERIOFLOW® and PLUS Powder (Fig. 3) [17]. Handiest in the second one step is the piezoceramic ultrasonic device (PIEZON® PS NO PAIN) used to take away the rest visual calculus.

As of late’s knowledgeable sufferers need efficient and trendy prophylaxis control in step with the cutting-edge in science and generation at eye point with the dental crew. The absence of ache and the certain “enjoy” impact of delicate preventive remedy also are of serious significance for affected person loyalty throughout recall – and subsequently additionally for the industrial good fortune of a tradition. GBT has additionally been proven to be awesome in those facets, each in number one (PZR) and in secondary and tertiary prophylaxis (SPT) [6,7,9-11].


Accordingly, an up to date analysis of over 278,000 affected person questionnaires obviously confirms the excessive affected person acceptance of the GBT protocol. This was once already present in an previous analysis from April 2022 ( [18]. The keenness of the prophylaxis crew for GBT will have a undeniable impact at the analysis through sufferers (Hawthorne impact) [19]. On the other hand, the result of the affected person survey are in excellent settlement with printed research from observe and academia [20]. Because of the differentiated analysis query and excessive selection of individuals, a transparent desire for GBT in comparison to standard procedures can subsequently be established.

Fig. 3: Trendy dental cleansing makes use of AIR-FLOWING®: This efficient and specifically delicate manner is appropriate for biofilm control on all oral tissues in addition to on restorations, implant parts and glued orthodontic home equipment. all oral tissues in addition to on restorations, implant parts and glued orthodontic home equipment.

The GBT-certified observe – right here’s the way it works

If you wish to be offering prophylaxis on the very best point, you’ll be able to have your observe licensed according to GBT.

Additional knowledge may also be discovered at or by the use of the QR code

The prophylaxis crew on the GBT-certified observe Lichtblick, Zirndorf.


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