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The right way to gasoline successfully: Succeed in Height Efficiency with Torq!


With regards to pushing your limits on the planet of recreation, right kind diet performs a pivotal function. Whether or not you’re embarking on an epic weekend journey or fuelling for the most important race, your frame calls for the best gasoline to accomplish at its perfect. That is the place Torq’s vary of power gels, bars, flapjacks, hydration electrolyte powder, (or even breakfast cereal) step in to energy your interests and stay you going robust. Maximum of Torq’s merchandise are vegan and lots of also are qualified natural which is an added bonus! Let’s take a better have a look at their fuelling choices!

Torq Power Gels: Immediate Spice up When You Want It

Torq Power Gels are the name of the game weapon each bike owner and athlete must have of their arsenal!

Filled with a exactly formulated mix of carbohydrates and electrolytes, those compact and handy gel packs supply an quick power spice up right through your maximum not easy moments.

Torq counsel to devour one power gel in line with hour or as much as two relying at the depth of the exercise. Having used those gels in a spread of rides and staying power occasions I will be able to ascertain they’re as excellent as Torq say. The style isn’t too sickly and does pass down great and simple when put next to a few different very thick gels in the marketplace. I might counsel attempting a pattern pack if you’ll, however my favorite is Cherry Bakewell. Every other sure with Torq’s Gel vary is that they’re in reality neatly packaged and simple to get out right through a quick journey or race, in my revel in the tab opening has all the time labored neatly and the gel doesn’t leak out till you give it a excellent squeeze. Finally, no one desires gel everywhere their arms!

Torq Power Bars: Sustained Power for Staying power

For longer rides and runs that call for sustained power, Torq Power Bars are your go-to answer. Those bars supply a really perfect steadiness of power are wet and chewy (however now not too chewy!). Torq designed them to offer a gradual launch of power over the years and be compact sufficient for a jersey pocket. Whether or not you’re embarking on a long biking journey or simply desire a again up bar for a journey, Torq Power Bars be offering the gasoline you want to overcome many miles and keep on the most sensible of your recreation.

Easiest Use: Revel in Torq Power Bars as a mid-ride or mid-run snack to handle power ranges right through prolonged sessions of exercise.

Torq Flapjacks: Healthy Power, Anytime

When the yearning for one thing scrumptious and considerable hits, Torq Flapjacks step in with their mouthwatering flavours and nutrient-rich composition.

Those hearty oat-based treats are an incredible supply of slow-release carbohydrates, making them a very good choice for pre-activity gasoline or a lovely post-workout snack. With Torq Flapjacks, you’ll in finding the very best steadiness between indulgence and performance-enhancing diet. They’re through a long way my favorite Torq snack and I may just fortunately devour them on a daily basis! I’ve used those on each rides and runs and not had any abdomen problems, so I might extremely counsel you select some up to take a look at for your self…

Easiest Use: Revel in Torq Flapjacks sooner than your exercise for a sustained power launch or after your consultation to kickstart restoration.

Torq Hydration Power Powder: Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated is non-negotiable for top functionality, and Torq Power Powder makes it a breeze. Filled with crucial electrolytes, this powder is helping refill what you lose thru sweat, making sure optimum muscle serve as and fighting cramps. The powder supplies fast-delivery 2:1 Maltodextrin:Fructose carbohydrate power with 5 key electrolytes and herbal flavours. Designed to lend a hand handle hydration, ship carbohydrate and substitute electrolytes misplaced thru perspiration. The drink is gentle at the abdomen and refreshing with a herbal delicate flavour which I’ve discovered to be best pre and mid journey. 

Easiest Use: Combine into your water bottles for sips right through your journey or exercise, particularly in scorching or humid prerequisites. Torq counsel 1-3 in line with hour relying on how scorching or humid the prerequisites are. You may additionally wish to use extra if you’re endeavor an staying power tournament, having used the powder for a summer time century gravel journey, it allowed me to tackle extra energy and sufficient electrolytes to forestall cramping within the warmth.

Torq Breakfast Cereal: Gasoline Up for the Day Forward

Your functionality doesn’t start on the beginning line; it begins with a nutritious breakfast. Torq Breakfast Cereal provides a hearty and healthy begin to your day, offering a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fibre. With sustained power and a glad abdomen, you’ll be in a position to take on your coaching or race with gusto. It is suggested you begin to gasoline sooner than you want it (particularly for longer staying power races and rides) and this breakfast guarantees you’ll have a complete tank!

Easiest Use: Kickstart your day with Torq Breakfast Cereal to make sure you have the power and center of attention wanted in your coaching classes or races.

Torq Restoration Drink: Recharge and struggle fatigue

Torq Restoration Drink is a extremely complicated post-exercise dietary drink components that has been designed to Rehydrate, Refuel, Restore and Recharge your fatigued body structure after heavy activity.

It is suggested you devour the drink inside of quarter-hour of completing your journey or exercise with a purpose to get the most important receive advantages in your restoration. The carbohydrate is helping to refill your frame’s gasoline reserves which can cut back your tiredness and make sure to are ready for the longer term.

The restoration drink is composed of: 3:1 Carbohydrate:Whey Protein mix combining multiple-transportable carbohydrates, whey protein isolate, Ribose, Glutamine, Nutrients and Minerals. 

Torq dFND and ATac: Beef up your immune gadget

No longer handiest do Torq permit you to keep fuelled and recovered at your perfect, but additionally be offering immune gadget fortify!

Torq Atac Chilly & Flu Reduction is formulated with a potent mix of Diet C, Glutamine and Echinacea, those micronutrients have jointly been confirmed to scale back the severity & length of signs of the typical chilly & flu. The components is to be taken on the first indicators of an infection and adopted up with additional doses as in line with the advisable mega dosing protocol usually 28 doses to be ate up in 5 days. A unmarried day by day dose of TORQ aTAC may also be used right through sessions of prime load coaching or when travelling The world over as a pre-emptive measure.

TORQ dFND Prime Power is a one an afternoon pill containing a potent focus of Diet D3 and Zinc to fortify the traditional functioning of the immune gadget. Diet D3 additionally is helping to handle commonplace bone and muscle serve as and Zinc, the upkeep of ordinary pores and skin, hair & nails.

Every TORQ dFND Prime Power pill incorporates 1000iu Diet D3 and 15.6mg Zinc at a potent 500% and 156% of day by day reference values respectively. Either one of those vitamins had been discovered to be poor within the human frame with Diet D being at decrease ranges within the iciness months specifically, whilst Zinc deficiency is extra commonplace with those that apply a vegetarian or vegan nutrition. The dFND pill is a formidable device to lend a hand construct a wholesome immune gadget and struggle an infection.

Gasoline and Overcome!

Have in mind, it’s now not on the subject of the miles and tough classes you quilt in coaching, however the high quality of the gasoline that propels you ahead and is helping you get well correctly. Lift your biking and well being with Torq these days!


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