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The SCOR 2030 GX Delights On Rowdy Descents & Climbs Like A Dream


By means of giving the 2030 an overly slack head tube, SCOR has created a motorbike that’s extremely succesful on tough terrain, whilst nonetheless providing the standard advantages of a shorter go back and forth motorbike. The 2030 is impressively light-weight, climbs aggressively, and gives a full of life, poppy trip.

I in most cases trip longer go back and forth motorcycles, however had a blast trying out the 2030’s limits on my native trails. There’s indisputably the 120mm rear finish calls for some lend a hand out of your legs and arms at the tough stuff. However, I’d prevent wanting announcing this motorbike begs for finesse or smoother line possible choices. I didn’t hesitate to trip my space’s roughest, steepest trails at the 2030 and most effective the chunkiest descents jogged my memory of the motorbike’s restricted go back and forth.

SCOR 2030 – Key Specifications:

SCOR 2030 GX, drive side

For entire main points at the 2024 SCOR 2030, hyperlink to my release and primary trip article from Crankworx Whistler previous this summer time. Right here’s a handy guide a rough rundown of its key attributes…

The 2030 is a brief go back and forth path motorbike that’s intended to be shredded onerous. It provides 120mm rear go back and forth and springs with a 140mm fork. Frames are to be had in complete carbon most effective, and all fashions roll on 29” wheels. To make sure the 2030 can deal with tough terrain, SCOR made the body simply as sturdy as their 4060 enduro motorbike. Additionally they gave the 2030 an overly slack 64.5° head tube attitude, 4-piston brakes, vast handlebars and stubby stems.

Geometry/Have compatibility:

SCOR 2030 GX, geo, slack
Given my native terrain, and this motorbike’s rowdy intentions, I rode the 2030 in Slack function all the way through my take a look at.
SCOR 2030 GX, geo, steep

At 5’10”, I rode the M/L 2030. At 477mms, this motorbike has the longest succeed in I’ve ever ridden, however I did to find it at ease. My palms are just about straightened out with the seat at complete peak, so I don’t suppose I may just trip the rest for much longer, however at the trails the period didn’t really feel over the top. I discovered the lengthy succeed in (and coffee stack peak) leaned me right into a moderately competitive driving function, which used to be nice for mountain climbing. Status up on descents, my weight used to be well targeted over the motorbike. 

SCOR 2030 GX, non drive side

SCOR saved the 2030’s rear ends fairly quick, at 429mms at the M/L body. This used to be achieved to care for fast cornering and playfulness in spite of the motorbike’s lengthy wheelbase. I can say the longer rear ends I’ve ridden give motorcycles an excellent spice up in balance, however the 2030 has sufficient total period to really feel cast on high-speed downhills. Whilst it’s now not as agile because the 27.5” Yeti SB135 I lately examined, the 2030 whips round corners and wheelies thru whoops well. Furthering balance, the 2030 additionally has an attractive low BB peak. Standover peak could also be moderately low, however now not considerably less than the opposite motorcycles in my shed.


SCOR 2030 GX, on scale

SCOR truly needs other people to look this motorbike as a extremely thrashable trip, however I merely will have to emphasize how smartly this factor climbs too. And the way may just it now not, weighing in at 30.78lbs with pedals! With different motorcycles in my shed topping 35lbs, mountain climbing the 2030 used to be a completely satisfied privilege! The motorbike is mild sufficient that it rockets ahead with any spirited effort on the pedals. Additionally, lifting the entrance or rear finally end up over an uphill impediment is a straightforward activity.

SCOR 2030 GX, SF, climb

Excluding the burden, the 2030 additionally has a couple of different sides that make it an excellent climber. Geometry sensible, the lengthy entrance finish leans you over the motorbike aggressively, and assists in keeping you targeted between the wheels making sure cast traction. The steep seat tube leaves you in an excellent pedalling function too. The slack head tube does now not depart the motorbike feeling clumsy on tight switchbacks or impede its mountain climbing prowess.

In fact you’ll’t beat the rolling momentum of 29” wheels. And the ones fast-rolling Maxxis Dissector/Rekon tires stocked at the 2030 do their phase as smartly.

SCOR 2030 GX, SF, climbing corner

SCOR’s lower-link pushed quick centerlinkage doesn’t wallow deep below pedalling efforts or low-speed compressions whilst mountain climbing. I in most cases use pedal switches on maximum motorcycles, however the 2030 climbs really well with the surprise left vast open. With the pedal transfer on, the trip used to be fairly company and I used to be most effective dipping about 5-10% past the sag level on smoother climbs. Even a extremely technical ascent would most effective impress about 40% go back and forth out of the rear surprise.

I by no means felt any regarding loss of traction in pedal mode, however on rougher climbs I felt extra planted with the surprise vast open. After a number of rides I took a couple of psi out of the rear surprise, or even then the rear finish most effective dove a couple of mm’s deeper whilst mountain climbing. In open mode, essentially the most go back and forth I were given out of the surprise at the bumpiest climbs used to be about 60%.


SCOR 2030 GX, SF, steep rock roll

Indubitably, that 64.5° head tube is the 2030’s magic trick! I didn’t hesitate to rate this motorbike down steep terrain that will simply justify an extended go back and forth motorbike. On the subject of dealing with the 2030 rides identical to an enduro, however with much less squish to suck up onerous hits.

On one trip down an overly tough and immediate descent, I used to be reminded of the motorbike’s quick go back and forth once I bounced a foot off my pedal after a large affect. Alternatively, that used to be the one time I had any factor with dealing with this motorbike. Whilst somewhat extra frame language is needed, I used to be inspired with how a laugh the 2030 used to be on gnarly terrain.

SCOR 2030 GX, linkage

The 2030’s suspension is very revolutionary so it could deal with various onerous shredding. On my first few rides I used to be suffering to backside the motorbike out, however after shedding the surprise drive somewhat (from 25% to 30% sag) I did get each millimeter out of this motorbike. The revolutionary linkage assists in keeping me to about 80-90% go back and forth on mellower rides, and it takes onerous hits to devour up all 120mms of the motorbike’s squish. Once more, I’m a light-weight man however I by no means felt like I used to be abusing the 2030… I used to be simply knowing its possible!  

I additionally discovered the 2030 to supply nice mid-stroke reinforce. The revolutionary music assists in keeping the motorbike from driving deep in its go back and forth, so the 2030 can nook onerous with out wallowing and dad out of berms well. It’s additionally an excellent jumper, because of the supportive suspension and the motorbike’s low weight. 

SCOR 2030 GX, SF, jump

The 2030’s body used to be designed to be very sturdy, but in addition be offering some lateral flex within the rear finish. Pounding thru rock gardens the motorbike does really feel just a little softer than your standard enduro… I’ve the brand new Trek Slash presently too, and it’s approach stiffer total. For me at 145lbs, I didn’t really feel this flex used to be over the top. It used to be simply sufficient to permit the rear finish to squirm thru rocks or roots and care for as a lot traction as imaginable. Including to its ‘mini enduro’ persona, the 2030’s long wheelbase is noticeable because the motorbike stays beautiful solid at excessive speeds. Some other factor that makes this motorbike an excellent descender is the M/L dimension’s 185mm dropper put up. With the seat down, it will get very low so you’ll tuck into steep chutes or slabs simply.  

Body Garage:

SCOR 2030 GX, stash hatch frame storage

I love SCOR’s water resistant ‘Stash Hatch’ garage bag, however what it doesn’t do is cushion what’s within it. I had a multi device sitting on the best finish of the bag, and I may just pay attention it shaking round throughout the down tube whilst I rode. This will not be an issue if you happen to stay heavier items on the backside of the bag.

SCOR 2030 GX, Stash Hatch bag and tools

I had no factor becoming a big c02 canister, inflator head, tire levers, and multi device within the bag. Alternatively, a spare tube needed to be strapped to the body. With what I packed throughout the bag, it took some fiddling to get it out of the body.


SCOR 2030 GX, drivetrain

I’ve lately been driving SRAM’s AXS and T-Kind digital drivetrains, however went again to a just right ol’ cable pushed GX drivetrain at the 2030. I’m happy to mention how now not disenchanted I used to be! The GX parts carried out nearly completely smartly, most effective permitting a couple of hesitant shifts all the way through all my rides. SCOR gave the 2030 GX a light-weight carbon crankset, and a compact higher chain information.   

SCOR 2030 GX, rear shock

The 2030 GX’s RockShox Deluxe Final RCT rear surprise provides a three-position open mode adjustment. This additional transfer somewhat will increase or decreases low pace compression. I most commonly rode the surprise in its impartial open mode, however did a take a look at run to check out the opposite settings. After driving two equivalent sections of a coarse path, I will be able to ascertain the ‘minus’ atmosphere for sure softens affects higher and lets in the surprise to dive deeper.  The ‘plus’ atmosphere resists affects extra, and produces a somewhat rougher trip.

SCOR 2030 GX, RS Pike fork

The Pike Final RC2 fork proved absolutely considerable with regards to stiffness. It doesn’t truck thru tough stuff like a larger fork would, however it’s an appropriate spouse for the 2030’s compliant rear finish. 

SCOR 2030 GX, cockpit and seat/post

SRAM’s Code RSC brakes have been nice, even with 180mm rotors they’ve heaps of energy to prevent this light-weight motorbike. Additionally, the oil-slick {hardware} at the brakes is a pleasing taking a look completion! I favored the 800mm vast SCOR carbon bar/Burgtec 35mm stem combo, because it offers the motorbike enduro-like dealing with that fits its persona.

The BikeYoke Divine 185mm dropper put up carried out with out fault, and once more I beloved how low the seat will get when dropped. In the end, SCOR gave this motorbike a WTB Silverado saddle, which I’ve all the time discovered beautiful at ease.

SCOR 2030 GX, rear wheel

Whilst they don’t fit the grip of one thing extra luggy, the Maxxis Dissector and Rekon tires have been beautiful just right traction-wise on rock slabs and in dusty stipulations. DT Swiss XM 1700 Spline rims held up nice, most effective appearing a minor wide-to-side wobble within the rear rim. The 2030’s rims and tires are tubeless able, however the motorbike comes with tubes.

SCOR 2030 GX, front angle

The SCOR 2030 GX retails for $7299. It is available in one ‘Ice Child’ colour.


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