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The usage of a Chakra Pendulum: A How To Information


The best way to use a chakra pendulum

Start by means of laying down for your again (or, in case you are appearing the chakra pendulum workout on any individual else, have them lie on their again on a floor this is tall sufficient so that you can have a relaxed place and now not be leaning into them. You don’t want to create a “push,” the place you might be pushing power out of your box into theirs).

** If you want a handy guide a rough overview of the positioning of the chakras within the frame, click on right here to leap to that phase of this web page. **

Keeping the twine of the pendulum between your thumb and forefinger about 4-6 inches (or 10-15 cm) above each and every chakra. When the pendulum strikes, practice its course and motion.

chakra moving clockwiseIf the pendulum strikes clockwise, that chakra is open, well-balanced, and whole.



chakra moving counter clockwiseIf the pendulum strikes counter-clockwise, there could also be blocked power or unreleased feelings in the case of that particular chakra.



chakra moving ellipitical swingIf the pendulum strikes in an elliptical swing, there could also be a right- or left-side imbalance of power flowing within the frame. This can be because of overusing the fitting masculine aspect or the left nurturing aspect.



chakra moving erraticallyIf the pendulum strikes in an erratic swing, it’s conceivable that you simply (or the individual you might be appearing the chakra pendulum workout on) can have lately modified their ideals or are going thru a non secular upheaval, which will impact the chakra’s motion and reason it to transport unevenly for a few days.



chakra not movingIf the pendulum does now not transfer in any respect, you’ll be retaining the pendulum within the mistaken location. If that isn’t the case, then there could also be a blockage in that chakra.


Remember that the dimensions of the pendulum’s circle is a results of your power box, the pendulum’s power box and your matter’s power box all mixed in combination. Because of this your personal chakra well being and the well being of your personal power box could have an instantaneous affect on how efficient you might be at studying others’ chakras.

With observe and enjoy, it is possible for you to to pick out up on all the other chakra qualities and be capable of learn whether or not any individual goes thru pleasure, peace, readability, heaviness, darkness, or melancholy – all from checking their chakras along with your pendulum! Keep affected person with your self as you determine the place the chakras are and the right way to correctly use your pendulum to test them. This talent is certainly a realized and practiced talent that may enhance with time and enjoy. You’re going to see effects for those who stay at it and observe!


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