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Have you ever ever questioned if it’s value your time to make use of a foam curler as a runner? I’ve, particularly when sitting on a place that’s tremendous tight and painful!

“Discover a position inside of the place there’s pleasure, and the enjoyment will burn out the ache.” –Joseph Campbell!

I’m slightly sure foam rollers weren’t round in Joseph Campbell’s time…however the level nonetheless applies. You gotta focal point at the end result to get via a bit of time at the curler.

This is, if you happen to must be foam rolling in any respect!

A large number of us were the usage of the froth curler all improper, and as an alternative of creating issues higher, we’re perpetuating accidents and stressing out our our bodies. It’s vital to grasp what’s in reality going down once we foam roll after which use it correctly.

Specifically, I need to make certain we forestall beating up our IT bands, as that’s the most important damage I’m requested about.

So let’s dive into extra about why we’re foam rolling and learn how to use it as it should be as a runner.

foam rolling for runners

What’s Foam Rolling?

Foam rolling (additionally known as “self-myofascial free up”) is a type of self-massage that individuals ceaselessly use to free up muscle tightness or cause issues. The usage of a cylindrical foam curler, you follow power to precise issues on their frame, rolling from side to side to rub down the muscle groups.

We now know that a lot of what’s going down is a rest of your Central Anxious Gadget.

Stretching does no longer ship the similar indicators on your mind, so foam rolling particularly can assist to calm down tight muscle groups.

What does foam rolling do? 

This procedure can assist building up blood glide and flow to the comfortable tissues in main muscle teams, bettering flexibility and decreasing muscle soreness. Once more the primary advantages, seem to return from serving to the frame to calm down and free up stress.

That rest lets in greater blood glide and lets in us to paintings on vary of movement or transfer with much less stiffness.

It’s a commonplace observe amongst athletes and health fanatics, and it may be an crucial a part of a warm-up or cool-down regimen in bodily coaching. Although you’re no longer an athlete, foam rolling can nonetheless be really useful for on a regular basis aches and pains.

How ceaselessly must I foam roll?

Day by day. I do know that appears like so much, however if you happen to foam roll ahead of each and every run you’re each warming up the muscle groups and breaking apart adhesions to stay you operating damage unfastened.

Additionally, through operating the ones muscle groups day-to-day you’re going to temporarily to find it turns into much less painful.

What’s Fascia?

Continuously when other folks speak about foam rolling, they point out that it breaks up fascia. Which we now know might not be precisely proper, however let’s give an explanation for this concept so that you comprehend it.

Fascia is a type of connective tissue that wraps and bundles muscle groups (myo) in combination. Myofascial adhesions can broaden via pressure, coaching, overuse, underuse, motion imbalances and accidents.

The muscle adhesions may cause weak point because of an incapacity to totally serve as, which results in muscle imbalances and the frame looking to proper for those.

Bring to mind it just like the white pores and skin round an orange! It provides construction, however isn’t stiff.

runner foam rolling

What Are the Advantages of Foam Rolling for Runners?

From combating accidents to decreasing muscle soreness, there are an a variety of benefits that include foam rolling for runners—IF you do it as it should be.

Vary of Movement

One learn about confirmed that foam rolling greater vary of movement through 4.3%, which in fact, results in higher stride and versatility as runners.

Pre-Workout Warmup

It’s an unbelievable solution to get up the muscle groups and building up blood glide ahead of your exercise, which guarantees your muscle groups react higher. I exploit it merely to really feel a bit of be much less stiff.

Damage Prevention

Common foam rolling can assist establish tight spots and imbalances within the muscle groups, doubtlessly combating accidents. Addressing those problems early can result in a extra balanced frame, decreasing the danger of lines and overuse accidents.

Higher Oxygen Go with the flow to Muscle tissue

The power created through the froth curler will increase blood glide to the focused spaces. Higher flow approach extra oxygen and vitamins are brought to the muscle groups, selling sooner therapeutic and decreasing fatigue.

Much less Muscle Soreness

A 2019 assessment in Frontiers concluded that foam rolling does boost up restoration after power. Once more this appears to be because of stress-free the CNS and permitting restoration to start extra temporarily.

After a long term or intense exercise, muscle groups can transform stiff and sore, foam rolling supplies a technique of serving to the frame to calm down and get out of that wired state.

Wish to perceive extra concerning the science in the back of rolling? Checkout our Tread Flippantly display:

Must You Do Foam Rolling Earlier than Working?

You’ll use a foam curler each ahead of and after a run as a part of your common regimen.

Foam rolling ahead of a run can building up blood glide and relax the muscle groups. This results in enhanced flexibility and vary of movement, getting ready your frame for a perfect run.

It is helping in warming up the muscle groups, decreasing stiffness, and will give a contribution to a extra environment friendly and relaxed run. A shorter consultation specializing in key spaces like calves, hamstrings, and quads is generally enough.

Understand that ahead of a run you don’t seem to be preserving on a place, it’s power motion.

Is It Higher to Stretch or Foam Roll After Working?

In truth that science doesn’t display you wish to have to do both right away after operating.

Publish run you must stroll round for somewhat to permit the center price to go back to standard and also you must focal point in your vitamin, however whilst you spend time rolling or stretching is as much as you.

As for which is healthier? It is dependent upon what feels just right to you! I really like those publish run stretches to assist me decelerate, calm down they usually merely really feel just right.

However foam rolling is sending that rest sign to the mind which relieves muscle stress in the ones cause issues, and aids within the elimination of waste merchandise like lactic acid. This reduces muscle soreness and hurries up the restoration procedure.

Must Foam Rolling Harm?

As with operating, discomfort is okay, however ache is unhealthy. On a scale of 1-10, forestall ahead of you hit an 8.

As with bodily remedy, it’s possible you’ll really feel discomfort on the time which is designed for long run therapeutic. Extra ache isn’t higher despite the fact that!

The extra persistently you roll {a couple of instances every week} the fewer knots you’re going to have and the fewer painful on the whole it is going to be through the years.

Most sensible Pointers for Foam Rolling

#1 Forestall Foam Rolling Your IT Band

Opposite to fashionable trust, your IT Band isn’t evil and does no longer wish to be overwhelmed into submission.

In truth, you in reality shouldn’t be the usage of the curler proper alongside your IT Band when it’s infected in any respect.

Learn much more in this matter!

You’ll’t calm down the IT Band, that’s a fallacy. Its tightness is brought about through different muscle groups, from the glutes to misaligned hips.

What must you do as an alternative?

#2 Forestall Over Rolling

Whilst you ceaselessly see movies inform you in finding the sore spot after which keep on it for 30-45 seconds for the knot to free up, that’s no longer all the time the most efficient plan.

If one thing hurts, forestall pounding it into the bottom! You don’t see a bruise and stay pushing on it, hoping to hurry restoration.

If the spot is comfortable, however no longer a place that’s inflicting ache right through your run, it’s alright to spend 30 seconds or so preserving your frame weight on it with the curler to check out and free up a knot.

Do NOT spend extra time, and don’t do that again and again all day lengthy. Your objective isn’t to aggravate the world.

“if the power is at the proper level, 20-30 seconds max must hydrate that tissue and inspire the cause level to vanish. Extra time received’t assist; extra accuracy of placement will.” – Tom Myers

We need to understand that the entire muscle groups are attached and once in a while the positioning of the ache is simply the results of imbalances up the chain. Nearly all girls with knee ache finally end up finding out they have got susceptible hips or misfiring glutes.

#3 Be Aware Whilst Foam Rolling

A snappy roll over your legs isn’t going to yield effects.

In truth, this is likely one of the largest issues I’ve discovered from the entire research, practitioners, and articles in the market.

You wish to have to decelerate and in reality spend a while in your rolling, which guarantees that you’re the usage of just right posture (a powerful core) and if truth be told operating on tight spots fairly than simply temporarily rubbing over the muscle groups.

The next video will stroll you via learn how to hit some key spaces, which might be defined beneath.

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Foam Rolling Workout routines for Runners

There are a couple of key spaces that may assist runners to forestall knee and IT Band ache through spending a bit of high quality time on a daily basis with the curler.

My foam rolling regimen takes about 5 mins when finished completely, however since I do it day-to-day, most certainly 3 mins as a result of I’ve fewer knots to figure out.

Check out those foam curler workout routines for legs to stay issues feeling just right.

foam roll


Take a seat at the foam curler along with your knees bent and ft at the flooring. Slowly rock from side to side to start out, chances are you’ll right away really feel muscle groups rolling over as your glutes free up. You’ll then put your proper ankle in your left knee and begin to slowly roll at the glute to start coming into the Piriformis.

With each strikes, take a minute to transport a bit of extra ahead and again, to get both sides of the muscle and uncover your cause issues.

IT Band

As famous above, don’t roll the real IT band when it’s infected. Different instances you’ll be able to slowly roll this house, however stay it reasonable as this muscle is all the time tight because of different spaces.

Take a seat at the curler, then lean to the appropriate aspect along with your legs directly at the flooring and roll from hip to knee. You’ll position your palms at the flooring for steadiness.


That is my maximum delicate house and the only I each love and hate to do. Foam rolling your calves is tremendous vital as a runner, so embody the ouch.

Tight calf muscle groups too can pull in your knee, inflicting misalignment, so don’t skip them!

With the mid-point of your calves at the foam curler, dangle your self up with each hands and slowly transfer from knee to ankle. It can be more straightforward to do one leg at a time, consider to show your leg out and in to get both sides of the ones calves.

The right way to foam roll calves? I am getting this query so much, so the hot button is first to carry your frame weight up along with your hands (bum off the bottom) to extend the power in your calf muscle groups. As soon as that feels adequate, you’ll need to put one leg on most sensible of the opposite for additonal power.

In any case, I’m a large fan of my rub down stick for purchasing into the calves.

best running recovery tools


Resting your shins at the foam curler, lean ahead in a tabletop place and roll from knee to ankle. It is a nice step in combating shin splints.

Internal Thigh

Lie in your abdomen and put the curler vertically subsequent to you along with your proper leg bent at 90 levels. You could to find probably the most delicate spot is close to the knee; this can be a just right position to carry for as much as 30 seconds, as that tightness will sooner or later pull the knee in, inflicting deficient gait.

Hamstrings and Quadriceps

Those two will also be rolled in more or less the similar means, one through dealing with the ground and the opposite through dealing with the ceiling. Together with your legs directly, slowly roll from hip to knee first along with your ft flexed, then ft became out, then ft became inwards. Once more this may increasingly assist to hit both sides of the muscle.

Forms of Foam Rollers

The fundamental foam curler is if truth be told simply one of the choices for doing at-home myofascial free up (aka self-massage).

It’s a useful gizmo, however there are others that may also be really useful relying on how lengthy you have got been rolling, what spaces you are attempting to hit, and if you wish to have one thing for go back and forth.

pick a foam roller

Elementary Foam Curler

The fundamental foam curler is available in a lot of sizes and densities, so here’s what you wish to have to grasp!


The longer foam rollers make it imaginable so that you can lay your complete again vertically at the curler to do rub down for the shoulders or even some nice core paintings. A smaller curler is also extra agile for looking to paintings on spaces like your inside thigh.


The denser the curler, the extra intense the rub down. As your frame weight leans into no matter house you might be rolling, a curler with much less give will create extra power at the house.

Many of us to find they may be able to deal with a dense curler on some spaces, however desire a softer curler on others. I like to recommend getting the denser curler and controlling the power through decreasing the volume of weight you set at the house.

Cause Level Therapeutic massage Ball

I point out Cause Level through emblem as it is likely one of the maximum often carried in operating retail outlets. Whilst they do actually have a dense foam curler with a grid trend to paintings extra in to the muscle groups, my focal point here’s at the ball which lets you really get in to the deep muscle groups of the glutes or to persistently roll out your ft.

Freeing stress within the ft can if truth be told unravel problems the entire means as much as your hips!

I point out Cause Level through emblem as it is likely one of the maximum often carried in operating retail outlets. Whilst they do actually have a dense foam curler with a grid trend to paintings extra into the muscle groups, my focal point here’s at the ball, which lets you really get into the deep muscle groups of the glutes or to persistently roll out your ft.

Do you know that freeing stress within the ft can if truth be told unravel problems the entire means as much as your hips?!

The Therapeutic massage Stick

The Therapeutic massage Stick used to be if truth be told one of the crucial first gear I used to be presented to right through my marathon coaching in 2005…yikes it’s been see you later!

Nobody used to be foam rolling again then, however we have been sporting round sticks even if the airports began asking in the event that they have been guns.

I LOVE the stick for operating on my calves and inside thighs. Then again, it doesn’t let me get my shoulders, facets, and again the best way I will be able to with the froth curler…yup simply one more reason we’ve such a lot of “gear” in our space to stay me operating directly.

Rumble Curler

The Rumble Curler has spiky nodes far and wide…adequate spike is the improper phrase, however new rollers, beware, that is going to move deep! The design of those nodes is to assist create a extra massage-like enjoy. It’s an competitive curler, however maximum transform familiar with it inside of a couple of weeks.

Roll Restoration R8

Whilst David liked the Roll Restoration R8, I couldn’t wait to get it out of our space as it infected my IT Band like not anything else.

He disagreed, announcing it used to be one of the crucial private and highest massagers. At a worth level over $100, despite the fact that, I admit I might nonetheless be hesitant to really counsel it.

The right way to Select the Proper Foam Curler

What are the most efficient foam rollers for runners? Selecting the proper form of foam curler is dependent upon person personal tastes, your wishes, and the way you intend to make use of it. Right here are a few things to believe that can assist you make the appropriate resolution.

  1. Density: Foam rollers are available more than a few densities, from comfortable to company. For those who’re new to foam rolling, a softer curler may well be extra relaxed. As you get used to it, chances are you’ll desire a less assailable curler for a deeper rub down.
  2. Floor Texture: Some foam rollers have a easy floor, whilst others have ridges or bumps. Easy rollers be offering even power and are nice for freshmen, whilst textured rollers can give a extra focused rub down.
  3. Dimension and Form: The period and diameter of the curler have an effect on how you’ll be able to use it. An extended curler will also be extra flexible, supporting all of the again or each legs concurrently. Smaller rollers are extra moveable and will goal particular spaces.
  4. Subject matter: Imagine the fabric of the curler as neatly. EVA foam has a tendency to be softer, whilst molded foam will also be tougher and company. Take into accounts the longevity and the type of power you wish to have to use.
  5. Your Health Stage and Objectives: In case you have particular health targets, chances are you’ll desire a specialised curler. Consulting with a teacher or therapist can information you to the curler that highest helps your wishes.
  6. Worth: Foam rollers can vary in worth, with fundamental fashions being fairly reasonably priced. Specialised or top class rollers might value extra. Imagine your finances and what you wish to have from the curler.
  7. Portability: For those who plan to go back and forth along with your foam curler or take it to the gymnasium, a extra compact or light-weight design may well be really useful.


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