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Thick And Skinny – Motorcycle Snob NYC


Talking on behalf of the retrogrouches of the sector, it’s now not that we’re towards new issues, it’s simply that we don’t perceive why when new issues come alongside we’re intended to fully resign the previous issues:

We additionally don’t perceive why other people suppose that simply because you continue to use one thing that will have to imply you employ it at all times and in each scenario:

Whats up, I journey the entirety from 23mm tires to a few″ tires–with discs brakes no much less!

Now and again you wish to have a complicated beer or a cocktail or a fruity spritz of a few sort, however on occasion you simply need a stiff drink, and the 23mm highway tire is a neat whiskey in a wine cooler international.

Greater than the rest despite the fact that I’m amazed on the erroneous perception that fatter tires at decrease drive in some way constitute a “higher working out of physics than two decades in the past”–as despite the fact that two decades in the past we have been all cavemen and the concept that of the use of fatter tires at decrease pressures hadn’t been invented but:

I do know there used to be already any such factor as fats tires as a result of I used to be there. Mountain motorcycles, traveling motorcycles, cyclocross motorcycles, hybrid motorcycles, town motorcycles–extremely, all of those had fatter tires than highway racing motorcycles. We have been even the use of 29-inch wheels and Stan’s sealant! Truly the one factor we hadn’t but invented used to be the entire fats motorcycle and plus-size tire factor–you realize, the stuff that’s nonetheless thought to be borderline excessive lately–however even the Surly Pugsley’s virtually two decades previous now:

[2005 Surly catalog]

And please don’t inform me all concerning the pre-2005 historical past of fats motorcycles and the way other people were welding in combination 15 rims of their storage so they might journey throughout Alaska or no matter for the reason that ’90s as a result of I don’t care and I’ll most certainly kill myself:

And as for highway racing motorcycles, I am getting they’re the use of wider tires now, however are they truly that a lot wider than they have been two decades in the past? Right here’s a the most effective Peenarillo Douche-ma:

two decades in the past your Jan Ullrich wannabe motorcycle would have include 23mm tires. These days its trendy counterpart comes with…25s:

“However the wider rim mattress adjustments the tire profile and successfully it’s–“


Sure, we get it, professionals are using fairly wider tires in this day and age, however so long as they retain promoting just right high quality 23mm tires at deep, deep reductions as a result of they’ve been cancelled by way of the “Birthday party Tempo” crowd I’ll stay hanging them on my racy rim brake highway motorcycles. And it’s now not like I don’t know my manner round a at ease bicycle, both. In truth I promise my motorcycle’s extra at ease than yours:

I don’t wanna pay attention a goddamn factor about how relaxed and secure your motorcycle is until it’s additionally were given a kickstand and a step-thru most sensible tube.

In the meantime, the surest signal of fall is the converting foliage, however within the town the actual giveaway is once they get started putting in place for the marathon:

The day before today I additionally took an extraordinary (bicycle) travel over the Triboro Bridge, which I closing crossed (by way of bicycle) in March:

Technically you’re intended to stroll over it, however no person does:

The pathway is slightly slim, therefore the rule of thumb:

And there are a number of units of stairs in your comfort:

Thankfully I used to be dressed in biking footwear with highway cleats.

The span presents sweeping perspectives of Hell Gate, and in case you glance intently you’ll see a catamaran, sometimes called the “Gravel Motorcycle Of The Sea:”

One explanation why I hardly ever journey over this bridge is, stairs however, I’m slightly of a “woosie” relating to heights and I in finding the low guardrail in the course of the span mildly terrifying:

I’m now not positive why there’s fencing on each approaches however none within the center. I assume they determine in case you hit land you’re screwed, however so long as you land within the water you’ll be simply positive. The solution to Randall’s Island additionally boasts the longest chain hyperlink fence tunnel on the planet, which is a undeniable fact that I simply made up:

Each time I’m on Randall’s Island I all the time prevent on the similar spot:

And take into accounts the similar issues:

Business, nature, land, sea, lifestyles, demise, buses headed to Riker’s Island, planes commencing from LaGuardia…it’s all of the vary of human revel in in a single sitting.


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