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Ukrainian guy runs shirtless half-marathon in northern Greenland


In wintry weather 2021, when Ukrainian-American Vladimir Aslan reached the melting level of his day-trading process, he discovered working in chilly climate made a just right distraction from his sorrows. A yr and a 1/2 later, he was the primary particular person to run a shirtless half-marathon throughout northern Greenland, at 0 F (-18 C).

Vladimir Aslan
Picture: equipped via Vladimir Aslan

You can be questioning why any individual would do this, however his concept to matter himself to sub-zero temperatures got here from wintry weather working in New York’s Central Park. “It at all times felt higher, each time I dressed lighter at the coldest days: no jacket, no long-sleeve blouse, no T-shirt and handiest shorts and trainers,” Aslan says. “I understood that it has a directly affect on my thoughts. I felt rejuvenated. I felt alive. I felt transparent.”

The general public round him regarded as Aslan’s method to coaching odd, however he knew it labored for what he used to be seeking to accomplish. “I began being interested by human psychology/talents in the back of the road of concern and power,” he says. “The chilly emancipated me from fears and sorrows.”

The half-marathon used to be run in Qaanaaq, Greenland, which is among the maximum northern settled cities on this planet. It has a inhabitants of 646, and the typical temperature all through his February 2023 expedition used to be -23 C . Qaanaaq used to be settled via Inuit, Eskimo and Thule population, who hunt, harpoon and dogsled to feed their households.

Vladimir Aslan
Picture equipped via Vladimir Aslan

Aslan used to be born and raised in Ukraine, however has lived within the U.S. for nearly 15 years. He skilled for the half-marathon via doing 30-minute and one-hour chilly plunges and working open air in the course of a New York Town wintry weather dressed in handiest trainers and shorts. 

After undertaking a sub-zero, half-clothed half-marathon, the 39-year-old excessive athlete plans to go again to northern Greenland to swim an ice mile within the Atlantic Ocean. Aslan says essentially the most tricky a part of his half-marathon used to be the rugged and icy terrain. “The ice run in Qaanaaq used to be the toughest problem I confronted in my existence,” he says.


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