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Unilateral Dumbbell Ground Press: How To, Advantages


The barbell bench and overhead press are the gold requirements for urgent power and including dimension, however in the case of unilateral coaching, a vital however now and again undertilized coaching way, the barbell might not be essentially the most perfect possibility and that’s the place the unilateral dumbbell flooring press comes into play.

Lifting with two palms permits you to elevate extra weight for juicy features, however appearing bilateral lifts—lifting either side concurrently—at all times results in power imbalances between facets. Those power imbalances, even supposing now not at all times an enormous deal, can regulate the methodology, can result in damage niggles, and depart features at the desk.

There is a straightforward technique to remedy this downside: the unilateral dumbbell flooring press. Right here we’ll dive into the whole lot dumbbell flooring press so you’ll be able to supersize your power and muscle features.


Maximum horizontal urgent permutations are carried out on a weight bench, now not the dumbbell flooring press. Because the identify suggests, you carry out this press mendacity at the flooring, which does few issues to the click. You shorten the variability of movement, which is a shoulder saver for some. When the elbow is going previous the torso within the press, it places the shoulder into exterior rotation, and in case your shoulder is bothering you, this doesn’t assist.

The shortened fluctuate of movement places much less of a stretch at the chest; due to this fact, some emphasis is taken off the chest and positioned at the triceps. Plus, since you are at the flooring, you’re extra strong and obtain rapid comments, with permits you to press extra safely.


Right here’s the best way to carry out the dumbbell unilateral flooring press with just right shape.

  1. Lie to your again with a dumbbell via your aspect.
  2. Roll over onto your aspect, and grip the dumbbell with each palms.
  3. Roll to your again, press up, and take away one hand.
  4. You’ll be able to have your ft at the floor or your legs prolonged. It is a topic of private desire.
  5. Decrease the dumbbell till your higher arm touches the bottom and press up till lockout.
  6. Reset and repeat after which transfer facets.


When urgent at the bench, you’ll be able to use your decrease frame pressure as a counterbalance to assist push the load. No longer so at the flooring, which makes the ground press a predominately an higher frame workout.

Listed here are the principle muscle mass educated via the unilateral flooring press.

  • Chest: The preliminary push off the ground is all chest.
  • Anterior Deltoids: Assists the chest muscle with the preliminary push.
  • Triceps: As soon as your higher arm is off the ground, the triceps kick in.
  • Obliques: Each indirect muscle mass contract isometrically to forestall your torso from rotating.


All unilateral workouts will reinforce power imbalances between facets in the event that they exist, lowering your damage possibility and lengthening your features. Listed here are 4 extra very important advantages of the unilateral dumbbell flooring press.

  • Nice Shoulder Paintings Round: On account of the diminished fluctuate of movement restricting shoulder exterior rotation, the dumbbell flooring press is the very best reward for the ones with banged-up shoulders. It’s additionally nice for newbies since the diminished ROM reduces aches and pains from extra important ROM actions. Plus, it is helping construct the power and keep an eye on for tougher lifts just like the bench press, and the larger flooring balance is helping with urgent methodology and positioning.
  • Higher Flex Time: The unilateral dumbbell flooring press is a brilliant workout so as to add mass to the chest, shoulders, and triceps with out including over the top pressure to the shoulders because of the diminished fluctuate of movement. This reality makes it a really perfect accent workout for the barbell bench press.
  • Unilateral Higher Frame Power: As with different diminished range-of-motion lifts like field squats, the ground press is an incredible workout to focus on particular elevate parts. With the dumbbell flooring press, you’ve an larger skill to maintain heavy rather a lot within the most sensible part of the click to reinforce your triceps, chest, and anterior deltoid.
  • Stepped forward Lockout Power: There are two not unusual weaknesses with the barbell bench press. One is simply above the chest, and the opposite is locking out the general 1/3 of the click. Lockout power is regularly a weak point, leading to neglected lifts, risky lockout positions, or each. The dumbbell unilateral flooring press is a brilliant workout to focus on this weak point, as you’ll be able to maintain heavier rather a lot within the ultimate 3rd of the elevate.



The dumbbell flooring press isn’t a technical workout and is modest to accomplish, however that doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t screw it up. Listed here are 4 not unusual errors that save you you from getting the most productive out of this workout.

  • You’re NOT In Regulate: Reducing the load briefly, bouncing the higher arm off the ground, and twisting your torso to boost the dumbbell are certain indicators you’ve misplaced keep an eye on. This places you at upper damage possibility and decreases muscle-building pressure. Scale back the load, take your ego out of it, and raise with keep an eye on.
  • Don’t Scale back The Vary Of Movement Any Additional: The dumbbell flooring press is already a partial ROM elevate, and via NOT touching your higher arm to the ground and pausing or reaching whole lockout, kiss a few of your features good-bye.
  • Elbow Place: Having your elbow as regards to the torso doesn’t give the chest and shoulder a lot room to transport. And flaring the elbows out places the shoulders at larger damage possibility and decreases the strain at the chest and triceps. As an alternative, having them at a 45-degree perspective from the torso is an incredible urgent place.
  • Mistaken Setup And End: You already know, the dudes that drop the dumbbells at the floor as soon as they’ve completed their set of dumbbell bench presses. Don’t be that man at the flooring press as it seems uncool and harmful for your shoulder. Rolling onto your aspect to grasp the dumbbell and rolling onto your aspect to decrease the dumbbells after your set is the most secure technique to carry out this elevate. No exceptions.


Let’s get started with one evident reality concerning the unilateral bench press. It isn’t an absolute power workout however is suited to hypertrophy, strengthening imbalances, and strengthening your bilateral urgent permutations. IMO, coaching the unilateral flooring press between the six to fifteen rep fluctuate for 2 to 4 units as an adjunct transfer works neatly for many lifters.


Dumbbells and the ground press are a fit made in workout heaven. Nonetheless, there are different gear and permutations to extend the depth and educate the chest and triceps in a different way for higher total muscle building. Listed here are a couple of to take for a spin to your coaching.


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