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USDA’s Phony ‘Animal Welfare’ Rule and Different Shenanigans


At a time when biological farmers are going into bankruptcy and being wolfed up via company agribusinesses via the masses,1 draft law2,3,4 lately into account would legalize manufacturing unit farm prerequisites for biological chickens, thereby pushing much more of the smaller biological farmers out.

Whilst the proposed rule claims to give protection to and give a boost to “animal welfare,” all it is going to accomplish is the additional destruction of impartial biological farmers who do issues proper and subsequently can’t compete with “biological” mega-corporations that may promote their meals at some distance decrease costs as a result of they cheat at the biological requirements.

There Are Two Types of Natural

In keeping with U.S. Division of Agriculture’s Nationwide Agricultural Statistics Provider, in 2019, 9 organic-certified corporate-owned confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) in Texas produced 1.5 instances extra “biological” milk than all 530 family-owned biological dairy farms in Wisconsin mixed.5

As of 2021, there are 13 company dairies in Texas with biological certification, they usually’re generating 2.8 instances extra “biological” milk than the remainder 407 biological kin farms in Wisconsin.6 In the ones two years, 123 kin farms went into bankruptcy in Wisconsin, as did masses extra in different states.

When small biological farms pass into bankruptcy, it’s no longer simply that kin that loses one thing. Shoppers additionally lose. They lose get admission to to original biological milk that meets their environmental expectancies, they usually’re deceived, as a result of they suspect the upper worth they pay supplies financial justice and praise for farmers who’re doing issues proper.

In the meantime, lots of the biological milk to be had comes from CAFOs that experience any place from 10,000 to twenty,000 cows, with a density of 5 to ten cows in line with acre, that roam in desolate tract prerequisites.7 The scene on those manufacturing unit farms is as some distance from idyllic farm lifestyles as you’ll be able to get.

Not like on a kin farm, those CAFO cows don’t graze on grass in pasture. Somewhat, pasture grass is reduce after which fed to the cows, as proven under. When precise pasture measurement is regarded as, the efficient stocking degree can also be as prime as 20 cows in line with acre, while kin farms most often supply 1 acre in line with cow.8

cafo cows grass pasture

Business Watchdog Problems Caution

In keeping with the Natural Business Affiliation (OTA), the law is “the primary important motion on biological animal welfare in years.” The Humane Society Legislative Fund has additionally hailed the proposed laws as “a landmark federal law.”9

Mark Kastel, govt director of OrganicEye, an biological business watchdog, vehemently disagrees, pronouncing that reasonably than strengthening the biological label, the brand new laws will undermine it additional via completely codifying practices that violate the spirit of organics, or even the present letter of the regulation.

“Organics used to be meant to be the antidote to the ‘get large or get out’ draconian agribusiness domination of our meals provide,” Kastel writes.10 As a substitute, biological firms were received via typical manufacturers that slowly however certainly have eroded biological requirements via willful violations and lobbying.

Because of this, 90% of “biological” eggs now come from gigantic confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) owned via the most important providers of typical eggs, and maximum licensed biological rooster comes from firms that elevate birds in near-total confinement and feed them imported grains that can or is probably not in reality biological, as biological grain fraud is now not unusual.

Legalizing Violations of the Natural Spirit

In a letter to participants, Kastel writes:11

“For lots of the closing decade and a part, stakeholders within the biological business have alleged that the most important egg firms in the US were running mammoth cattle factories, with the USDA illegally granting biological certification.

In 2022, the company launched a brand new draft rule which they purport will convey those operations into compliance, guarantee a degree taking part in box for competition, and meet client expectancies …

Instead of family-scale farms generating licensed biological eggs, nearly all of manufacturing takes position on business operations — frequently with 20,000-30,000 birds in line with construction — with one of the greatest typical egg entrepreneurs within the nation running licensed biological properties with as many as 200,000 chickens in line with construction and over one million birds on particular person ‘farms’ …

The business’s maximum vocal watchdog, OrganicEye, has vociferously criticized the proposed laws as a giveaway to company agribusiness pursuits, codifying the ongoing violations of the spirit and letter of the regulation via failing to guarantee that organically controlled animals have respectable get admission to to the outside and are in a position to show off their herbal instinctual behaviors, each necessities of the present statute and laws.”

Proposed Requirements Rarely Enshrine Animal Welfare

In keeping with OrganicEye’s research, the proposed new biological rule would permit biological poultry farmers to stack birds in multitiered aviaries stretching from flooring to ceiling, offering as low as 1 sq. foot of house in line with animal, and that’s together with out of doors porches, that have restricted get admission to.

The next symbol used to be equipped via OrganicEye for instance of what this “biological” CAFO setup seems like.

example of organic cafo setup

Outside necessities aren’t any higher — simply 1 to two sq. toes relying at the weight of the birds. For comparability, farmers who’re a part of the Natural Valley cooperative will have to supply a minimum of 5 sq. toes in line with rooster, and Eu biological laws require 43 sq. toes in line with hen.12

The draft rule additionally lets in egg-laying hens to be confined for the primary 16 to 21 weeks in their lifestyles. After this a lot time spent in indoor confinement, many chickens are too nervous to ever undertaking out of doors. They’ve principally been skilled to not roam. The location is even worse for broiler chickens, which can also be confined till only one or two weeks prior to their scheduled slaughter.

What’s extra, the brand new laws would permit for part the out of doors space to be coated in both concrete or gravel. “How are the birds going to interact of their herbal instinctual habits — foraging, consuming grass, scratching and pecking for insects and worms — on concrete?” Kastel asks.

Proposed Rule Fulfills Company Lobbyists Want-Checklist

As famous via OrganicEye, those “anemic necessities” are “instantly from the want listing of company lobbyists.”13 Certainly, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack himself is a former million-dollar-a-year agribusiness lobbyist who used to be named BIO Governor of the 12 months in 2001 via the Biotechnology Business Group (BIO) “for his improve of the business’s financial expansion and agricultural biotechnology analysis.”14

So, Vilsack is infrequently a champion for true biological farming, and the USDA’s failure to uphold the integrity of the biological requirements below his stewardship15 highlights his company Giant-Ag, biotech biases, as does his number of participants to the Nationwide Natural Requirements Board (NOSB).

The NOSB is meant to be a highly-diversified frame of business stakeholders, together with biological farmers and client advocates, however opposite to that constitution, a minimum of 80% of present board participants are actually affiliated with the business’s maximum robust lobbying crew, the OTA.16,17 In keeping with Kastel:18

“The OTA has spent years, and invested untold company dues, in honing the character that this is a tax-exempt nonprofit crew operating within the pastime of the general public when, if truth be told, this is a ruthless business foyer crew that has crossed swords with the nonprofit group on just about each and every arguable factor prior to the NOSB.”

A number of nonetheless independently-owned biological manufacturers, reminiscent of Nature’s Trail, Nutiva and Dr. Bronner’s, have resigned their memberships within the OTA in protest of its Giant Ag bias.19

Underneath Vilsack, the NOSB used to be additionally stripped of its talent to set its personal schedule. It’s meant to paintings independently, however as small biological farmers were purchased up via massive typical ag conglomerates,20 the company dominance over the NOSB has additionally grown and biological requirements were watered down to profit the most important of those company “biological” manufacturers.

An Affront to Natural Shoppers

OrganicEye describes the proposed laws as “an affront to shoppers who’re keen to pay a top rate to improve in reality humane remedy of animals and to protected nutrient-dense and extra flavorful meals for his or her households.”21 Kastel provides:

“It’s Orwellian doublespeak, deliberately deceptive the general public, for the USDA to say that those proposed laws are going to give a boost to the established order of manufacturing unit farm manufacturing lately dominating biological cattle, or that they constitute the expectancies of shoppers.”

OrganicEye board president Jim Gerritsen, an authorized biological farmer in Maine, additionally mentioned:

“Whilst USDA must be codifying the enhanced welfare of cattle, and lengthening biological integrity, this inaccurate proposed rule unfortunately does neither. Somewhat, it enshrines the very practices that have allowed business manufacturing unit farms to transport in, take over, and push out hard-working biological kin farms.”

A Name to Motion

OrganicEye is now renewing its name to the USDA to put into effect present biological laws and is urging biological shoppers and supporters to attraction to President Biden to intrude and forestall this newest “giveaway to company lobbyists.”

Natural laws already mandate out of doors get admission to for all cattle, together with pasture get admission to for grass fed cows and different ruminants. Importantly, organically raised animals will have to, via regulation, find a way to precise their herbal instinctual behaviors.

The issue is those laws don’t seem to be being enforced, and the solution to nonenforcement isn’t new laws that merely codify the violations and abuses which might be already happening on industrial-scale “biological farms.”

OrganicEye has created a proxy letter you’ll be able to obtain right here. Merely print it out, signal it, upload any private feedback at the again, and mail it to OrganicEye. They’ll ship the letters to Biden’s place of job. As famous in that letter:

“A brand new method must be evolved as an alternative choice to the tens of tens of millions of greenbacks lately spent on annual inspections. The huge preponderance of documented fraud — what we think is handiest the top of the iceberg — is being came upon via OrganicEye and others out of doors of the certification/inspection procedure.

Assets must be eager about hiring skilled agriculturalists/forensic accountants for extra complete/periodic audits (punctuated with liberal unannounced inspections and checking out).

The dep. must prioritize being attentive to the NGO group reasonably than company lobbyists who’ve been appointed to key management positions on the USDA and at the NOSB.”


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