Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Vegetable Stew (Hearty and Wholesome)


Do this hearty vegetable stew with a medley of clean, colourful greens, chickpeas and quinoa. It is going to fulfill your tastebuds, your tummy, and your soul!

Vegetable stew with mixed vegetables in black bowl with spoon.

A scrumptious vegetable curry served with basmati rice is a smart dinner for weeknights. But when you wish to have a one-dish meal this is simply as wholesome and attractive, make this one-pot vegetable stew.

This stew is as comforting and pleasing as my vegan red meat stew or my vegan Irish stew, nevertheless it has an excessively other, albeit simply as scrumptious, taste. It’s loaded now not simply with a medley of chunky, colourful veggies, it additionally has chickpeas and quinoa for protein, making it some of the healthiest foods you’ll be able to deal with your self to.

This can be a flexible recipe. You’ll be able to upload as many veggies as you love to this veggie stew, and you’ll be able to alternate them up in step with your personal tastes. I used onions, carrots, celery, potatoes, candy potatoes, carrots, summer season squash, tomatoes and Swiss chard.

The foundation for this recipe is a Mediterranean vegetable stew, so that you can spice it up I used my scrumptious and highly spiced Calabrian chili paste. You’ll be able to additionally use harissa, if that is what you’ve got. The paste and a few herbs are all you want so as to add wonderful taste to this already yummy stew.

When you love simple vegetable dishes, make sure to check out this Kerala vegetable moilee, a stew of blended greens with coconut milk.


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