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Will the Web as We Know It Disappear within the Subsequent Yr?


In my thoughts Whitney Webb is without doubt one of the highest investigative reporters on the internet and does meticulous analysis at the subjects she specializes in. Within the video above, Marty Bent of the TFTC Bitcoin podcast interviews her about how the central bankers plan to make use of synthetic intelligence (AI) to regulate the lives of everybody on earth.

This is without doubt one of the maximum surprising and regarding interviews I’ve heard in a very long time because it has a gloomy prediction as to how it’s most likely we can have just a yr at highest and perhaps part a yr to benefit from the web as we comprehend it now. Although it’s closely censored it’s nonetheless usable. This fundamental capability would possibly disappear if her predictions are correct.

If that’s the case, you’re going to now not have get entry to to this web page or the day by day newsletters we offer and the entire updates we can factor if this state of affairs occurs. So, to protect by contrast state of affairs, I’d counsel ensuring you signal as much as obtain messages by way of texts in your mobile phone.

You Wish to Attach With Us on Cellular in Case Web Is Long gone

As Whitney explains in her interview above, it’s most likely that within the subsequent yr there might be a false flag cyberattack at the banks very similar to 9/11. They’ll then use this assault to close down the web and enforce a draconian Cyber Patriot Act.

We don’t have any thought of the way lengthy the web might be down, but it surely may well be weeks or longer. We will be able to be not able to give you vital updates if this occurs as we simplest have your e mail. For this reason I’m urging you to thrill join within the shape under so we will connect to you by way of messaging your telephone.

Divide and Overcome

As famous by way of Webb, the string-pullers at all times search to divide folks the use of emotional appeals, and this case is a vintage case of that. Are you with Hamas, or with the Israeli Protection Forces (IDF)? It’s a false selection. The aspect we will have to be on is the aspect of blameless civilians, without reference to the place they are living. “We will have to simply step off the chessboard and forestall enjoying their sport,” she says.

Certainly, simplest by way of being towards battle can we stand towards the right kind enemy as a result of, in the end, maximum if now not all wars are fought for the advantage of central bankers and their globalist allies, now not for the advantage of countries, humanitarian or democratic reasons. As famous by way of Webb:

“Part the inhabitants of Gaza are youngsters underneath the age of 18 [i.e., below voting age and did not vote Hamas into power], so selling the carpet bombing of that [area] and the refusal to let humanitarian support in … there is no celebrating that.”

Webb additionally issues available in the market’s nearly no likelihood the Israeli forces didn’t see the October 7, 2023, assault coming. “It is simply absurd that they do not have been ready to understand that used to be going to occur prematurely,” Webb says, “and there are IDF veterans and Israelis that indisputably are not any pals of Palestine or Hamas which can be announcing that is the case.”

‘Israel’s 9/11’

Israel relating to that assault as “Israel’s 9/11” may well be every other tipoff.

“If you are accustomed to the realities of 9/11, there is just a few chances there. Both it used to be deliberately achieved by way of intelligence businesses, or it used to be allowed to occur by way of intelligence businesses,” Webb says.

“So, I believe we will suppose that an identical chances can have came about right here with Israel, as a result of sooner than all of this came about, Netanyahu used to be going through primary problems locally, an enormous quantity of protests towards him, primary efforts to take away him from energy.”

As famous by way of Bent, 9/11 ushered within the Patriot Act (which had obviously been written and used to be ready within the wings for simply the fitting second) that “resulted in the dystopian hellscape that we are lately residing in, and it is simply mindboggling that folks cannot [recognize] the development … It’s the similar playbook in every single place once more.”

Certainly, the similarities are putting. The primary distinction is that we have now hindsight we didn’t have in 2001. These days, the ramifications of the Patriot Act have turn out to be transparent, and as The Nice Reset schedule strikes ahead, we will see how vital the implementation of the Patriot Act used to be to that schedule.

Throughout the COVID pandemic, the globalist cabal started to show its true intentions like by no means sooner than. Most of the avid gamers ceased to even fake that it’s about the rest rather than the subjugation of the loads.

Since we now know the purpose of the globalists is to enslave humanity inside a technocratic, transhumanist dystopia the place the entirety we are saying and do is understood by way of the federal government and can be utilized towards us, we must be very cautious about encouraging a battle that may then be used to justify an international roughly Patriot Act.

Coming Quickly: Cyberattack at the Banks?

Webb segues into the following motion merchandise within the globalist takeover, which seems to incorporate a cyberattack at the banks someday sooner than the top of subsequent yr.

“There’s a public-private partnership [The Partnership Against Cybercrime] housed throughout the Global Financial Discussion board (WEF) [and] the teams that compose this partnership are the FBI, the DOJ, the Secret Carrier, one in all Israel’s safety businesses, the United Kingdom Nationwide Crime Company, a number of banks and a couple of tech corporations … Palantir, PayPal, Microsoft.

They’re led by way of a former Israeli undercover agent named Tal Goldstein … Jeremy Jurgens, who’s No. 2 on the WEF after Claus Schwab, on the large WEF assembly previous this yr used to be like ‘Yep, [there will be a] large, massive cyberattack sooner than 2025.’

The Partnership Towards Cybercrime — that’s the DOJ and all of those guys — say that it is going to be a cyberattack at the banks. Is not that handy? The banks can simply be like, ‘Now we have collapsed, however but it surely wasn’t our fault. It used to be the fault of those nasty hackers.’ And I am certain the hackers might be Hamas and Iran.

They are able to blame someone, as a result of as we all know from Vault 7 and Wikileaks that the CIA has the power to border actually any executive it needs, or any team it needs, for a cyberattack, and the CIA misplaced regulate of the ones equipment — therefore Wikileaks acquiring them and publishing them — so someone can do it [and] someone can blame someone, so it is very tricky to characteristic.

Even though you take a look at headlines about cyberattacks that experience came about over the last a number of years, it is generally a cybersecurity corporate that, for those who glance on its web site, used to be created by way of In-Q-Tel (the CIA) or by way of Israel’s unit 8200, which is Israel’s NSA identical, and they are announcing stuff like ‘Prime chance that it would had been those guys and our evidence is that we have no evidence, but it surely seems like one thing we expect they did sooner than.’

I imply, there is no proof for the rest however out of that gobledygook you get a headline that claims ‘Chinese language hackers accountable,’ or ‘Iranian hackers accountable,’ and that’s the reason all folks see and browse.”

As famous by way of Bent:

“It’s really easy to peer that we may well be in Bankruptcy 1 of a systemic financial institution failure. It begins with this warfare within the Center East, it assists in keeping emerging after which there is an excuse to start out cyberattacking perceived enemies and that’s the reason how the banks get attacked.”

Consistent with Webb, a gaggle of giant banks affiliated with the WEF known as the FS-ISAC (the Monetary Services and products Data Sharing and Research Heart) has been gaming this out since 2021.

“They collaborated with the Eu Central Financial institution, the FED [Federal Reserve], and the Carnegie Endowment, which on the time used to be run by way of the present CIA director William Burns, speaking about precisely how the cyberattack at the banks used to be going to play out.”

CBDCs by way of Any Different Identify Are Nonetheless CBDCs

As soon as the banks had been taken down in a big cyberattack, the central banks will then “save the day” by way of introducing a programmable central financial institution virtual forex (CBDC) the place each and every transaction will also be traced. In spaces the place public consciousness concerning the dangers of CBDCs is simply too nice, such because the U.S., they’ll attempt to stay the two-tier device because it exists underneath the present Fed Now device. As defined by way of Webb:

“The CBDCs exist, however the public does not essentially engage with it, which is basically what FED Now could be going to be. It’s about settlements between banks. They’ll use the CBDC. The general public will engage as a substitute with deposit tokens that’ll be issued by way of the economic banks. They are now not known as CBDCs however they are programmable cash, and they are going to run at the rails of FED Now.”

The entire large banks have signed directly to the idea that of deposit tokens and tokenized belongings — and the regulate device that incorporates it. The pinnacle of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Diamond, not too long ago recommended that personal assets will have to be seized for the aim of fighting local weather trade, and that’s exactly what they’ll be capable of do with tokenized belongings. “So, it doesn’t must be a CBDC to have the similar penalties,” Webb says.

The Finish of On-line Anonymity

The second one factor that may occur as soon as the cyberattack at the banks has passed off is the removal of on-line anonymity.

The foundations of “know your buyer” (KYC) might be imposed on everyone for the entirety, and the rest that does not have that might be made unlawful underneath Nationwide Safety justifications. Necessarily, what we’re having a look at is a cyber Patriot Act, which is able to permit for the unfettered surveillance of everybody’s on-line actions, and the power to limit or block get entry to to the web.

“After all, the top of on-line anonymity manner tying a central authority issued [digital] ID in your web get entry to … on the ISP stage, and that’s the reason what they have mapped out. The web as you recognize it’s going to now not exist after this occurs,” Webb says.

“The function is not any anonymity, length, and to have the entirety you do surveilled and compiled, and to have AI oversee all of it and do that predictive policing, pre-crime stuff in response to what you might have already achieved, and what you’re going to do.

So, crucial factor to do isn’t to take part within the device after that tournament. Simply do not do it.

I’d say, if you wish to have probably the most stuff that is on the net now, with regards to wisdom, again that up offline. Obtain it. Put it on arduous drives. Faraday bag it. Stay it protected, as a result of if you may want that stuff finally this occurs, and you do not want to must get the livestock tag so that you could be on-line, indisputably suppose forward.

As a result of if you wish to consider what the WEF says about this timeline — and I’d take them critically — you have got a yr, give or take a couple of months, sooner than the web will get nuked.”

Caution Indicators of What’s to Come

If all of that sounds improbable, take a look at what’s came about already. As famous by way of Webb, Microsoft not too long ago introduced that while you use Microsoft Home windows your knowledge is not your knowledge.

Microsoft can use your knowledge with out your consent to coach their AI, and you can not choose out of this. What’s extra, Microsoft can delete your knowledge in the event that they so select, and block you from getting access to your tool by way of blockading your Microsoft ID.

“The place Microsoft goes, you might be now not going so that you could stay get entry to in your personal knowledge except you steer clear of committing idea crime … If you are occupied with preventing these things you don’t have any excuse not to spend money on some kind of freedom tech stuff.

So, I indisputably suppose folks … wish to put much more consideration, bearing in mind what we are going through … and beef up builders which can be growing that tech.

There is a massive want for to divest from Giant Tech up to imaginable, and it must occur temporarily, since the selection is both take part within the device being designed for you by way of loopy folks and turn out to be a slave, or do not turn out to be a slave.

And if you do not want to be a slave, it’s important to make investments now in Giant Tech choices, except you wish to have to are living a fully analog existence …

The perfect path is to head the slavery path, and that’s the reason how they have designed it on goal. The entire promoting level of that device is that it is handy and simple. So, clearly, it is going to take some paintings to head the opposite path, however the way forward for human freedom is dependent upon it so I believe it is a lovely simple selection.”

One instance of “freedom tech” discussed within the interview is Above Telephone,1 which gives de-Googled smartphones and laptops.

AI Tyranny and a Two-Tier Society

Webb not too long ago wrote an editorial for Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari File on synthetic intelligence, in response to “The Age of AI: And Our Human Long term,” a e book by way of Henry Kissinger and previous Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Her article is titled “The Ultimate Coup,” as a result of that’s what she believes AI actually is all about.

“Their argument is, AI goes to be such a lot smarter than us that it is going so that you could to peer sides of truth that we will’t see, [and] we will have to indisputably consider that no matter it tells us is on this invisible hidden truth is completely truth, and now not only a few AI hallucination — which is a real time period; that is an actual phenomenon, the place AI items one thing provably false as reality.

It would very simply be that no matter this ‘truth’ is that AI is figuring out is delusional, or simply made up … Anyway, they do not deliver that up of their e book in any respect. They simply say AI goes to permit us to pursue this superior quest for tremendous wisdom and we are going so that you could see unseen realities.

However there is a tradeoff, they are saying, and the trade-off is that with the intention to free up AI’s complete attainable we need to necessarily unload our talent to understand truth. We need to … deepen [our involvement with AI] to the purpose the place we are depending on AI to make selections for us, and we turn out to be cognitively lowered by way of AI.

That means that we don’t seem to be the use of our brains like we did sooner than to make selections and reason why and understand truth. AI is doing all of that for us. That’s what they envision and that’s the reason very dystopian, however then they begin speaking about this two-tier society type.

This AI ‘revolution’ might be very empowering for some folks, the coverage makers, the heads of establishment companies, the individuals who design AI and code it and activity it and control it. They will in finding this very empowering.

However the individuals who devour AI … everybody else, actually … might be bewildered by way of its opaque decision-making. They’ll be disempowered or in finding it disconcerting, and would possibly not actually have any regulate over their lives anymore. After which, over the years, will stop so that you could understand what is going down to them. That’s actually what the e book is set.

They speak about how AI goes to attract folks, basically this disempowered magnificence, into a brand new model of truth this is being designed by way of the empowered magnificence, the technocrats. It’s very Matrix-esque and really creepy. It additionally has to do with what they are saying goes to be AI regulate over the guidelines house.

After all, that is going to actually come into its personal as soon as each AI and the web are closely regulated by way of a centralized authority, which is what the UN is gearing as much as do subsequent yr.”

If the U.N. will get its method, AI is not going to simplest censor the web, it’s going to write the entire data you’ll get entry to on the net, and the U.N. would be the central authority of all of it.

As famous by way of Webb, this e book is vital, as a result of Schmidt is the de facto AI czar within the U.S. He finances the entire AI mavens in President Biden’s management (despite the fact that it’s unlawful for him to take action) and develops the management’s AI insurance policies. So, he’s actively riding the U.S. schedule for AI building, adoption and enlargement.

A Selection That Should Be Made

Webb is a figurative fireplace hydrant of data — folks, organizations, corporations and the linkages between them — so for extra main points, you’ll indisputably need to put aside the time to hear this interview. I’ve simplest skimmed the outside of the entirety she discusses.

The important thing takeaway right here, even though, is that this: Everybody will have to make a choice from freedom and enslavement, now not only for themselves but additionally for his or her descendants for generations to return, and the choice to make a choice freedom is swiftly remaining. Disposing of making that selection is itself a decision. You’re routinely opting for enslavement and, in the end the destruction of humankind itself. What’s going to yours be?


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