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With All thy Getting, Get Figuring out — Ananda


Are you dropping sleep over the brand new synthetic intelligence (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT? You’ve almost definitely heard about AI’s horrifying doable. However, you may well be enthusiastic about how you’ll use this new generation to be extra environment friendly to your paintings. Like our personal God-given unfastened will, it has doable in each instructions.

Earlier than we dive into synthetic intelligence, let’s first perceive what intelligence is. Swami Kriyananda as soon as stated, “Other people equate intelligence with mind, however now not with consciousness.” In different phrases, true intelligence contains consciousness and feeling. Swami Kriyananda writes about this subject at period in an essay I extremely counsel referred to as “The next day to come’s Supermen?” from Faith within the New Age. This is an excerpt (it feels like he knew what was once coming with ChatGPT):

‘Will computer systems in the future exceed human intelligence?’ If it comes to express problem-solving, why now not? Computer systems are designed to spare guy the hassle of long and tedious ratiocination. There are likely numerous different reasoning purposes for which computer systems would now not be definitely worth the hassle to program, however the place they are able to serve us I for one don’t have any objection. The mind is handiest, in spite of everything, what we may name an ‘digital mechanism.’ It has not anything to do with exact consciousness. Common sense isn’t what lifts guy above the animals. It’s the a lot larger readability of human consciousness. – Swami Kriyananda, Faith within the New Age

Simply because a pc “is aware of” the solution to one thing does now not imply it has any consciousness in the back of its resolution. This has been a part of the issue with ChatGPT. It’s in fact now not clever and even artificially clever (that’s extra of a advertising misnomer). It doesn’t perceive however makes use of information and laptop techniques to churn out solutions. Alternatively, the tool itself isn’t sentient. To ChatGPT’s credit score, it does now not declare to be self-aware. After I requested if it possessed self-awareness, it replied:

“As an AI language fashion, I’m programmed to simulate dialog and supply responses in line with patterns in language information. Whilst I will generate responses that can look like I’m self-aware, I don’t possess true awareness or self-awareness. I’m a device studying fashion designed to imitate human-like responses and supply helpful knowledge to the most productive of my skills in line with the enter I obtain.” -ChatGPT

By contrast, God’s Intelligence is natural awareness which is ineffably past the mechanics of reasoning. There’s a tale from the lifetime of Paramhansa Yogananda that describes divine Intelligence:

A professor in a college as soon as requested me, “Are you able to give me a cheap idea during which I will imagine that there’s a risk of the life of God?” I responded, “Sure. Here’s a desk in entrance of you; there’s a tree outdoor; on this room there’s air to respire and there’s water.
Science tells us that the whole lot got here from vibration and that every one issues on this universe are not anything however other charges of 1 vibration. Subsequently it’s one vibration which has created the solids, liquids, gases, and all elements. Isn’t it so?”
He stated, “Sure.” Then I requested, “How is it that one vibration turns into cast, some other turns into liquid, and some other turns into gases, and the way is it that those vibrations are so coordinated that human lifestyles turns into conceivable? Doesn’t it display that there’s an Intelligence in the back of all this?” He stated, “Sure, I’ve discovered the solution.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda, How you can Spiritualize Your Lifestyles

ChatGPT is handiest as excellent as its database and programmers. In a similar fashion, we want to learn how to attune to our true supply of information in God. With out attunement to divine awareness lifestyles is rife with sorrow. As Swami Sri Yukteswar stated to Yogananda:

“Human lifestyles is beset with sorrow till we understand how to music in with the Divine Will, whose ‘proper direction’ is frequently baffling to the egoistic intelligence. God bears the load of the cosmos; He on my own may give unerring suggest.” – Paramhansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi

So, with corporations and international locations racing to make use of AI for benefit and egocentric acquire, don’t overlook to expand your individual God-given intelligence in attunement with Him for the great of your soul and others. Allow us to now not overlook because the Bible says, “Knowledge is the major factor; subsequently get knowledge: and with all thy getting get working out” (Proverbs, 4:7).


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