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Yoga for Epilepsy: 7 Perfect Yoga Workouts Folks with Epilepsy Can Do


yoga for epilepsy
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Epilepsy is a neurological dysfunction, and for any apprehensive device dysfunction, yoga gives vital advantages. Just about each yoga pose has a favorable have an effect on in your apprehensive device in a method or every other.

In step with the International Well being Group (WHO), roughly 50 million other folks international have epilepsy. It’s estimated that 70 p.c of people with epilepsy can succeed in a seizure-free existence with suitable control, and yoga can play a component on this control.

Yoga contributes to 3 crucial tendencies to your apprehensive device, in the end resulting in a seizure-free existence. At the beginning, via its various vary of poses, yoga complements the transmission {of electrical} indicators throughout your apprehensive community. Secondly, it improves your total nerve staying power. Thirdly, it promotes a state of calmness and decreases pressure to your nerves.

Can Yoga Cause an Epilepsy Seizure?

Yoga, when practiced appropriately and mindfully, most often does now not cause seizures. Alternatively, it’s crucial to notice that mistaken or over the top bodily pressure throughout yoga can probably result in seizures, particularly in people with epilepsy. Research counsel that many of us with epilepsy in finding that yoga has the possible to scale back drugs uncomfortable side effects and the frequency of seizures.

Yoga poses are designed to advertise the optimum alignment and steadiness of the physique, and they don’t inherently exert unnatural stress on any organic part. The fear referring to epilepsy seizures arises from practising yoga poses incorrectly or in a bodily intense method that may pressure the nerves in unwanted techniques, probably triggering a seizure.

In case you intend to incorporate yoga into your epilepsy control, which will be offering vital advantages, it can be crucial to take action beneath the steerage of an skilled and licensed teacher. A professional mentor can give right kind steerage to verify secure and efficient yoga follow, adapted on your person wishes and obstacles

Why Epilepsy Seizures Happen?

Why epilepsy seizures
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The basic mechanism at the back of seizures comes to a surprising, unexplained burst {of electrical} transmission between mind cells. The precise reason for this triggering tournament is continuously unknown, with the exception of in circumstances the place a selected damage or trauma may also be recognized via diagnostic equipment like MRI.

Alternatively, positive components corresponding to pressure, loss of sleep, infections, and dietary deficiencies are steadily thought to be as attainable triggers for epilepsy seizures.

  1. Unpredictable Neural Bursts: Epilepsy seizures contain surprising and unexplained bursts {of electrical} job within the mind. Those bursts disrupt standard mind serve as and can result in more than a few seizure varieties.
  2. Idiopathic Origins: In lots of circumstances, the precise reason for epilepsy seizures stays unknown, known as idiopathic epilepsy. This is a difficult situation to diagnose and arrange.
  3. Trauma and Damage: Mind accidents, head trauma, or injuries can cause epilepsy in some people. Diagnosing such circumstances would possibly contain using diagnostic equipment like MRI to spot structural abnormalities.
  4. Rigidity and Anxiousness: Emotional pressure and nervousness can building up the possibility of seizures in other folks with epilepsy. Managing pressure is a key side of epilepsy care.
  5. Sleep Deprivation: Loss of sleep generally is a potent cause for seizures. Keeping up a wholesome sleep development is very important for people with epilepsy.

Yoga’s Position in Managing Seizure Triggers

Yoga’s technique for controlling epilepsy seizures revolves round 5 key issues. It really works to do away with pressure triggers, support mind-body consciousness, advertise restful sleep, deal with infections, and arrange the availability of crucial vitamins. Through addressing those components, yoga objectives to create a extra supportive setting for people dwelling with epilepsy.

Role of Yoga Epilepsy Seizure

1. Yoga is Efficient in Getting rid of Rigidity Triggers

Rigidity control is a an important side of epilepsy care. Analysis has demonstrated the importance of yoga, in particular a type of meditation referred to as Sahaja yoga, in pressure control for people with epilepsy. In a single find out about, Sahaja yoga ended in a exceptional 62% aid in seizure frequency after 3 months of follow, and this aid additional advanced to 86% after 6 months of intervention.

The delicate and enjoyable yoga poses can alleviate considerations associated with epilepsy. Those available yoga postures be able to induce a state of leisure in all the apprehensive device, which is especially really helpful for people with epilepsy. A comfortable state now not simplest reduces pressure but additionally helps the therapeutic of broken nerve tissues as a result of earlier accidents

2. Yoga Will increase Thoughts-Frame Consciousness

Yoga certainly complements mind-body consciousness, and this heightened consciousness can play a task in managing epilepsy triggers. Research have indicated that meditative yoga practices can naturally lend a hand people with epilepsy, even those that are much less aware of drugs. Alternatively, the fitting mechanisms of the way this works have now not been totally established and stay an issue of exploration for neuroscientists.

Nevertheless, it’s been seen that during states of heightened consciousness, focus, and awareness, there may be higher neuronal firing at a strong charge. Due to this fact, whilst you interact in yoga follow to extend your mind-body consciousness, your nerves necessarily go through a type of high-speed neuronal firing however at a strong and regulated charge. This tradition would possibly probably give a contribution to decreasing the frequency of surprising and strange bursts of neuronal firing, as observed in epilepsy seizures

3. Yoga Promotes Sound Sleep

Loss of sleep is a irritating subject on all your apprehensive device which will temporarily turn into a cause for an epilepsy seizure. Hypothalamus, thalamus, and pineal gland, play the major position within the sleep procedure. Bedtime yoga poses can stimulate those elements for a legitimate sleep. Moreover, components like pressure and nervousness impede the sleep procedure. Yoga is helping take away such hindrances as properly.

4. Yoga Removes An infection Cause

Viral infections and different flu-like infections generally tend to assault our apprehensive device, so can cause epilepsy seizures. The pathogen is an strange entity to our neurons, and because of this, triggers a malfunction. Yoga can support our immunity responses to deal higher with such international threats.

5. Yoga Helps the Vitamins Control

You should pay attention to the pronouncing, your mind by no means sleeps. This additionally approach it wishes extra meals to stick wakeful always. Nutrient deficiency on your mind could make it tougher for the nerves to accomplish their duties.

Yoga will lend a hand your digestive device successfully type out the desired vitamins. After which spice up your circulatory device to promptly delivery them on your mind, which in the end provides higher keep an eye on on epilepsy seizure.

7 Perfect Yoga Workouts for Controlling Epilepsy Seizures

In case you are making an allowance for yoga as a way to control your epilepsy, it is advisable to to start with easy yoga workout routines. Yoga encompasses practices corresponding to pranayama, hand mudras, and meditation, which can be delicate workout routines designed to relieve pressure responses, in the end resulting in a discount within the frequency of epilepsy seizures.

As a newbie, particularly you probably have epilepsy, it’s endorsed to begin your yoga adventure with clear-cut poses that pose no vital chance, even supposing you’re making newbie’s errors.

Take a look at those yoga poses to keep an eye on the epilepsy.

1. Kid’s Pose (Balasana)

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Kid’s pose is each a resting and a restorative pose. As you bend ahead, it gently arches your backbone ahead, stimulating your apprehensive device. And as you leisure your brow in opposition to the ground, the comfortable drive in your brow will really feel very soothing. You’ll really feel the stiffness dissipating out of your head, face, neck, and backbone.

  • Get down on all fours, your palms and knees.
  • Stay your palms shoulder period aside, and knees hip period aside.
  • Stay your palms fastened to the ground, and pull your physique backwards and take a seat in your heels.
  • Let your abdomen be pressed in your thighs, your chest in your knees. 
  • Stretch out your higher again, shoulders and palms.
  • Relaxation your brow at the flooring.
  • Hang the pose for roughly 30 seconds.

Most often the pose is modest, but you probably have any issue, use a yoga block to leisure your brow, or take a seat with a rolled blanket between your ft.

2. Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

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Corpse pose (Shavasana) is very talked-about for its resting nature. And indisputably, you are going to really feel very comfortable, however the wonderful thing about this pose is moderately in its component of consciousness. This pose is not anything however mendacity down meditation, the place you focal point and pay attention. You think about your body structure and get conscious about your bodily being. And as you accomplish that your nerves learn how to expand strong neuronal firing. Take into account that, that is in all probability the most secure workout on earth for any person with epilepsy.

  • Lie supine at the flooring.
  • Stretch out your hands, and leisure your legs at hip period aside.
  • Shut your eyes.
  • And breathe incessantly.
  • And with each breath focal point on a selected muscle of your physique.
  • With each exhale focal point on enjoyable the muscle tissue.
  • Proceed this pose for 10-Quarter-hour if you want.

The problem of this pose is to control your psychological block. Consciously situation your intellect to go into a state of leisure and consciousness.

3. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

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Tree pose would require just a little little bit of balancing, however with the exception of that it’s most commonly restorative. The balancing phase will lend a hand your nerves be informed higher keep an eye on over your muscle tissue. This pose may even building up your physique consciousness. The tree pose comprises retaining and balancing your backbone in a wonderfully erect posture. As you cling the pose and breathe incessantly, more than one wholesome actions shall be inspired to your CNS. This pose may even inspire the therapeutic of interior accidents.

  • Stand in a mountain pose.
  • Backbone erect, glance ahead, shoulders dropped, legs hip period aside, and palms immediately alongside the perimeters of your physique. 
  • Now progressively shift your body weight on your proper aspect.
  • Balancing your weight in your proper leg, carry up your left leg, and leisure your left foot in opposition to the internal aspect of your proper leg.
  • Carry each your palms overhead, partly immediately, and sign up for your arms in combination.
  • Stay your backbone erect, precisely the way in which you could possibly in mountain pose.
  • Hang your pose for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the pose by means of balancing in your left leg.

Despite the fact that not likely, you continue to want to keep ready for an episode of seizure. In case you do get a seizure, mid-pose, you are going to fall and injure your self. Thus it’s secure to not follow this step when you’re by myself, now not even with beef up.

4. Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

makrasana - crocodile pose
Supply: Instagram/katiebockyoga

Crocodile pose will upload extra intensity on your spinal job, to your yoga regimen. Despite the fact that, simply sufficient to stimulate it, the hassle will nonetheless be considerably much less as in comparison to poses just like the cobra pose. Crocodile pose is a great way to leisure as you stretch your backbone. This pose may be very really helpful on your cardiovascular well being, and thus, your circulatory device.

  • Lie at the entrance of your physique.
  • Stay your legs somewhat wider than hip period.
  • Bend your elbows and position your palms by means of the perimeters of your physique.
  • Now press down along with your hands, and arch up your higher physique out of your torso.
  • Convey your palms in entrance of you, plant your elbows at the flooring, with wrists going through upward.
  • Open your palm and create a resting cling in your head.
  • Relaxation your chin in your palm and leisure.
  • Hang the pose for a minute to a few mins.
  • All over your cling bend one knee at a time and draw your heel towards your sitting bone.

After drawing one heel at a time, you’ll additionally take a look at drawing each your heels in combination, towards your sitting bones.

5. Frog Pose (Mandukasana)

mandukasana (frog pose)
Fist urgent stomach and torso down in Mandukasana. Supply: lachicadelyoga@instagram

The frog yoga pose is one thing that may lend a hand essentially along with your digestion. It is going to additionally spice up your apprehensive purposes and blood flow. The frog pose will let you supply an effective provide of vitamins, with out which your mind can cause a seizure.

  • Take a seat in Vajrasana, with folded knees and in your heels.
  • Take a deep breath in, after which similarly deep exhale.
  • Exhale the usage of your abdomen, your abdominal will have to press utterly into your backbone as you exhale.
  • Press cling your abdominal into your backbone, along with your arms (one over the opposite.)
  • Stay your abdominal pressed in, bend ahead all of the manner down, resting your chest in your knees.
  • Glance in entrance and take 5-7 breaths and free up.
  • Repeat the step three times.

You’ll have to be just a little cautious of your stomach. On this pose, you are going to notice the secure press in your abdomen. You don’t need to overdo the click and injure your insides.

6. Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Respiring Workout)

bhramari pranayama in shanmukhi mudra
Symbol: Fitsri

It’s believed that whilst the yoga poses let you fortify the bodily actions of your organs and tissues, the Yoga Pranayama is helping you fortify the body structure itself. The Bhramari Pranayama is all about your sense organs and the apprehensive community associated with them. Naturally, the Pranayama will fortify the body structure of the sense organs and sensory nerves, either one of which play an important position in triggering your epilepsy.

  • Take a seat in a very easy pose.
  • Shut all of your senses inward, with the shanmukhi mudra.
  • In shanmukhi mudra, you open up your palm in each palms and position your little hands beneath your decrease lip. Your ring finger over your higher lip, your heart finger over your nostril bridge, your index finger in your closed eyes, and thumbs to your ear hollow.
  • Take a deep breath in and exhale creating a buzzing bee-like vibration sound.
  • Repeat this 10 instances.

Remember to don’t seem to be urgent arduous along with your hands. Practice very delicate drive. The vibration sound will have to be made within the again and roof of your mouth. The vibration will have to be contained inward, moderately than pressured out, and it must be felt by means of all of the sensory issues in your face and head.

7. Mrigi Mudra or Vishnu Mudra

vishnu mudra with pranayama
pranayama with palms in Vishnu Mudra. Symbol Supply: canva

One of the most absolute best and most efficient workout routines for epilepsy, mrigi mudra is a straightforward hand gesture of yoga. Mrigi mudra in epilepsy treatments apprehensive weak spot and decreases stress. Do that mudra no less than half-hour an afternoon to keep an eye on the epilepsy seizure.

  • Take a seat in any meditative posture, padmasana, sukhasana or vajrasana.
  • Relaxation your palms in your thighs, arms going through up, in a comfortable place.
  • Center of attention in your proper hand:
    • Fold your index and heart hands towards your palm, touching the bottom of the thumb.
    • Stay your ring and little hands as they’re or somewhat stretched.
    • Make sure your thumb is stretched sideways, preferably at a proper attitude from the hoop and little finger.
  • Hang this hand place for Quarter-hour in a single stretch.
  • Do that mudra 2 to three instances an afternoon to treatment epilepsy.

Precautions to Imagine When Working towards Yoga for Epilepsy

  • Seek the advice of Your Healthcare Supplier: At all times talk over with your healthcare supplier sooner than starting a yoga follow, particularly you probably have epilepsy. Your healthcare supplier can give personalised steerage and make certain that yoga is secure and appropriate in your explicit situation.
  • Keep Hydrated: Dehydration generally is a seizure cause for some people. Make sure that you’re well-hydrated sooner than and after your yoga follow.
  • Regulate Poses as Wanted: Paintings along with your teacher to change poses that can pose a chance in accordance with your explicit situation and seizure triggers. Keep away from postures that contain abrupt or excessive actions, inversions, or deep backbends.
  • Conscious Self-Consciousness: Increase mindfulness and self-awareness of your physique. Be aware of any caution indicators or auras that can precede a seizure. In case you sense an air of secrecy or prodrome throughout your follow, forestall and transfer to a secure area.
  • Keep away from Strenuous Poses: Select yoga poses which are delicate and reduced impact. Keep away from intense backbends, inversions, and poses that require a excessive degree of bodily exertion or steadiness, as they are going to building up the danger of triggering a seizure.


Fending off the triggers of epilepsy isn’t any simple job. You want to scrupulously arrange all portions of your way of life. Which is able to come with your yoga and different workout routines, your vitamin, behavior, and drugs. You additionally want to pay particular consideration not to skip your drugs.

Yoga has each systematic respiring and meditation in its practices. But, you’ll attempt to come with common meditation and respiring workout routines on your regimen. This may increasingly let you multiply some great benefits of yoga. And ultimate however now not the least, all the time consider to not over-exhaust.

FAQs Yoga for Epilepsy

Q. 1 Is yoga secure for people with epilepsy?

Yoga may also be secure for people with epilepsy when practiced mindfully and beneath the steerage of an skilled teacher who’s an expert concerning the situation.

Q2. Are there explicit yoga poses that are meant to be have shyed away from by means of people with epilepsy?

Positive yoga poses involving intense inversions or fast actions will have to be have shyed away from. It’s an important to make a choice delicate and restorative poses, and changes will have to be made to verify protection.

Q. 3 Are there explicit yoga poses which are really useful for people with epilepsy?

Sure, some yoga poses are thought to be secure and efficient for people with epilepsy. Those come with delicate and restorative poses like Kid’s Pose and Corpse Pose. It’s crucial to make a choice poses that don’t contain excessive actions or inversions.

Q. 4 Are there any explicit pranayama that may lend a hand people with epilepsy?

Sure, pranayama, which comes to managed respiring ways, may also be really helpful. Bhramari Pranayama (Bee Respiring Workout) is one such follow that makes a speciality of sensory nerves and sense organs.

Q5. What are every other way of life adjustments that may supplement yoga in managing epilepsy?

Way of life adjustments would possibly come with keeping up a normal sleep time table, staying well-hydrated, managing pressure, and keeping off seizure triggers corresponding to over the top alcohol or drug use.

Q. 6 Can kids with epilepsy additionally get pleasure from yoga?

Sure, kids with epilepsy can get pleasure from yoga. Alternatively, it’s crucial to paintings with a yoga teacher who has enjoy educating kids and understands their explicit wishes.


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